Top 5 Best Multipurpose High Speed USB Wall Outlet Receptacles

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USB charging has become very common nowadays. Almost everyone has at least a device that charges via USB. In fact, it is not uncommon for a visitor at your home to ask where she can charge her phone even before exchanging greetings. Today even a person you don’t know can start a conversation by simply asking, “Do you have a type-c USB charger”. Yes, USB devices have become very common and so should the USB charging stations!

Although it is best to charge your mobile device with its charger adapter, having a generic high-speed USB wall outlet in the house can be very handy. For instance, you may have forgotten the charging adapter at work and want to charge your phone to make an important call. If you have a USB wall outlet, you would just plug in the cable and charge your phone. Otherwise, you would have to bug your neighbor or miss the call altogether. If you have a party at your house and all your friends’ phones run out of charge, wouldn’t it be cool if there is a couple of available charging ports where each of them can plug in their smartphones to charge?

High-speed USB wall receptacles deliver optimal universal USB charging to all USB devices. They do not overcharge or undercharge like a charger adapter when you plug in different devices. Also, the wall USB outlets are easy to install and offer multiple charging ports. In this article, I bring you the 5 best quick charge USB wall outlet sockets. They combine multiple smart USB charging ports and AC outlets. So you can use them to replace your ordinary wall receptacle. Some in the selection are for plugging in to the existing wall sockets. No wiring is needed!

Best Multipurpose Quick Charge USB Wall Outlet Sockets

TOPGREENER TU21548A-W High Speed 4.8A-24W Dual USB Wall Outlet ReceptacleTOPELE High Speed USB Charger Outlet, 4.2a USB Wall Charger with 15A Tamper-Resistant Duplex ReceptacleAbboTech 4.2AMP Dual High Speed USB Wall Outlet, USB Wall Charger with 15A Tamper-Resistant Duplex Receptacle, Child Proof Safety, Wall Plates Included, White, UL listedMulti Outlet, POWRUI 2-Pack Wall Mount Outlet Surge Protector with 2 AC Wall Outlet and LED Touch Nightlight and 2 USB Ports (2.4A Total) for Smartphones/Tablets/Appliances, White, ETL CertifiedBestten Multi Outlet Wall Mount Adapter Surge Protector with Four (4) USB Charging Ports, 3 Electrical Outlet Extenders and 2 Slide Out Phone Holders
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  • Includes 2 high speed usb ports and 2 tamper proof duplex receptacles
  • Maximum output of each USB port is 2.4A
  • The smart intelliChip USB ports read the power needed to maximize charging efficiency.
  • Has overcharging and overvoltage protection
  • Duplex wall outlets have tamper-resistant (TR) shutters that prevent electrical hazards.
  • Features a current stabilizer, short-circuit protection circuit, and surge protection circuit
  • Has similar dimensions as a standard wall socket.
  • It is made with fire resistant material and has temperature control chip
  • Includes 2 extra face covers
  • Includes 2 high speed USB ports and 2 tamper proof duplex receptacles
  • You also get 2 free wall plates; a screwless and standard type.
  • Made with flame retardant materials to prevent the flame caused by overheating.
  • Has similar dimensions as a standard wall socket.
  • Features a smart power demand identification chip
  • Tamper-resistant design AC wall outlets
  • Has similar dimensions as a standard wall socket.
  • Features 2 high speed usb charging ports and 2 tamper resistant AC outlets
  • Also features a built-in IC chip to detect power needs of the connected device and deliver power optimally.
  • Inlcudes 2 screwless and standard wall plates.
  • Designed to protect your devices from over charging and overheating
  • Has 2 AC outlets, 2 quick charge USB ports
  • Delivers up to 2.4A on a single high speed USB port.
  • Includes an LED night light on the surface edge that has 3 brightness levels.
  • Has a touchable switch on the top for controlling the LED night light brighteness
  • Features an Intelligent built-in voltage sensing circuitry that detects and responds to your device's power needs,
  • Has an automatic shutoff feature that is controlled by thermal fuses in case of overheating.
  • Designed to fit standard or decor outlet
  • Features 4 smart USB charging ports and 3 AC surge-protected receptacles
  • Includes bonus dual slide-out phone holders on the sides
  • Built with fireproof housing to
  • Includes a Red LED to indicate if it is powered or not
  • The quick charge USB ports automatically detect the power needs of your USB devices to deliver the optimum charging current of up to 2.4A
  1. Easy to install
  2. Face covers are easy to swap by just popping off.
  3. Tamper resistant feature prevents unwanted objects from being inserted into the outlets.
  4. Temperature control chip protects against overheating of the USB circuitry
  5. Uses technology that prevents against overcharging, overvoltage and from power surges
  1. Easy to install
  2. Tamper-resistant AC outlet
  3. Has high speed USB chargers.
  4. USB ports are compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0
  5. Ideal for charging multiple power-hungry devices.
  6. Optimizes charging efficiency to meet power needs of each USB device.
  7. UL listed
  8. Has 2 Year Warranty cover
  1. Easy to install
  2. Tamper-resistant
  3. Has high speed USB chargers.
  4. Ideal for charging multiple power-hungry devices.
  5. Optimizes charging efficiency to meet power needs of each USB device.
  6. UL listed
  7. Has a 2 Year Warranty.
  1. Easily plugs into any vertical grounded AC outlet.
  2. Provides warm, eye-friendly light perfect for any room
  3. The wide spacing between the power outlets accommodates larger power outlets.
  4. Portable
  1. Easy to install
  2. Portable
  3. It is a real AC outlet extender; has three of them
  4. The dual side slide out holders keep smart phones in a convenient place while charging
  5. Has the most power outlets; 3 AC receptacles and 4 quick charge USB ports
  6. Includes a mounting screw for a wiggle free attachment to the wall receptacle
  1. No free wall plates; have to be bought separately
  2. Does not have extra wall plates
  1. Does not include an extra face cover
  2. Only available in white color
  1. Does not include an extra face cover or wall plate
  1. Has to be modified to fit a GFCI receptacle
  2. Only fits vertical receptacles
  3. Suitable for USB devices rated not more than 2.4A
  1. Smart charging USB ports are not convenient for USB devices that demand more than 2.4A
  2. The Ac outlets are too close to each other to accommodate 3 large adapters
Color White, Black, Light Almond (colors of face covers) White White White White/Grey/Black
No. of ports 2 USB Ports
2 AC outlet Ports
2 USB Ports
2 AC outlet Ports
2 USB Ports
2 AC outlet Ports
2 USB Ports
2 AC outlet extenders
4 USB Ports
3 Electrical Outlet Extenders
AC Voltage/Amp 125V/15A 125V/15A 125V/15A 125V/15A 125V/15A
Total USB output 5V/4.8A 5V/4.2A 5V/4.8A 5V/2.4A 5V/4.2A
Installation type Screw-in Screw-in Screw-in Plug-and-play (wall mountable) Plug-and-Play (Wall mountable)