5 Best 1/4 Cordless Impact Driver Kits

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Fitting and installation jobs often require installing and removing screw fasteners. This requires you to have a tool for driving screws.

There is a variety of tools for driving screws but most people use either a hand screwdriver, regular power drill, or impact driver. A hand screwdriver is good for driving small screws in soft material especially when you need more control or when your power tool is dead.

A power drill is just multipurpose. You can use it to drill holes or to drive screws into soft materials. On the other hand, an impact driver is the right power tool for driving both small and large screws into a variety of soft and hard materials.

As with all power tools, electric impact drivers are available either as corded or cordless. In this article, we shall look at some of the best cordless impact drivers and why it is important to have one in your tool kit when you turn up for an installation or construction project. It could be a cabinet installation job, a woodworking project, or an appliance repair/assembly project.

But first things first.

What is an Impact Driver?

An impact driver is a power tool with a 1/4-inch hex head for driving and removing screws and bolts. It produces enough torque to remove and install fasteners in hard materials like heavy steel, hardwood, pressure-treated lumber, and so on.

Impact screwdrivers are also great for driving fasteners into soft materials such as softwood, sheet metal, and plastic. Most of them have a variable speed trigger that lets you control the speed and torque.

Some impact drivers also offer multiple operation modes with limited torque output and speed for various common applications. Others have application-specific speed/torque settings. For example, you will find a setting for driving self-tapping screws on some drivers.

Besides driving screws and hex bolts, you can use an impact driver with a nut driver adapter to remove and install small nuts. This is what some mechanics use to unmount accessories from a car when they don’t have a ratchet.

How does an impact driver work?

Whether electric or battery powered, an impact driver works by rotating the bit just like a drill while exerting a rotational hammering action like an impact wrench. The tool has a hammer mechanism that produces several impacts per minute on the driver to generate more torque than a regular drill.

Impact driver uses

You can use an impact driver in two acceptable ways: as a drill or as a screwdriver.

Impact driver as a drill

To use an impact driver as a drill, you need drill bit with a hex shank. Regular drill bits with a circular shank cannot fit. Also, the drill bits must be impact rated. Otherwise, a standard bit will snap at the sheer torque of the impact tool.

You can also use an impact driver with a hole saw to make circular holes. However, you will need an arbor and a pilot drill bit for attaching the hole cutter saw. This type of driver assembly is quite common with electricians, plumbers, and finish carpenters who often have to drill holes for pipes and conduits.

Another way you can use an impact driver to drill out large deep holes in wood and other material is with a spade bit. Again, the spade bit must be impact rated.

Impact driver as a screwdriver

The main purpose of an impact driver is to drive fasteners, especially screws. You can use it to drive different sizes and types of screws including lag screws and wood screws. You only need to have the correct impact-rated bit.

You can also use an impact driver to remove and install bolts and small nuts. The bolts must have a 1/4″ hex head and for the nuts, you must use an impact-ready nut driver adapter because you cannot attach the nut directly to the tool.

I prefer to buy a set of nut drivers and impact bits to prepare my impact driver for any task it might be called upon to undertake on the jobsite. This helps to minimize downtime and improves overall effectiveness on the job. It is also easy to manage sockets in a set because most come packaged in nice plastic-molded cases.

To avoid the mistakes most people make when buying drills bits and driver bits for an impact driver, always insist on impact rating and the hex head design. Otherwise, if you use a drill bit or driver that is not impact-rated, it is going to shatter with impact. On the other hand, a bit without a hex head will not fit in the impact driver.

Which is the Best 1/4 Cordless Impact Driver?

Considering the competition on the market, selecting the best 1/4 cordless impact for your installation jobs can be as hard as finding a sewing needle in a haystack. However, because we want you to spend less time finding and more time being productive, we have done the dirty job for you. We have done thorough research, consulted with our colleagues, read people’s feedback, visited various garages, and done rigorous tests to narrow down the selection to these 5 powerful battery powered 1/4 hex impact drivers kits. Each one is capable of getting more fasteners installed in a shorter time than usual. You will also experience less fatigue on your arms than when using your regular drill. This is because of the concussive action produced by impact drivers that takes away the force from your hands and drives it directly on to the screw.

Comparison Table of 5 Best 1/4 Hex Cordless Impact Drivers

The following table is a side by side summary of how the drivers compare.

1/4 inch Milwaukee Cordless Impact Driver Kit- 2753-22CTDCF887D2 1/4 inch Cordless Dewalt Impact Driver Kit - 20V MAX XR1/4 inch Makita XDT111 18V Cordless Impact Driver Kit1/4 inch Hitachi Cordless Impact Driver kit- WH18DGL 18-Volts1/4 inch Teccpo Cordless Impact Driver Kit - TDID01P
milwaukee 1/4 inch drive impact drivermilwaukee 1/4 inch drive impact driver
dewalt 1/4 inch impact wrenchdewalt 1/4 inch impact wrench
makita 18v cordless impact drivermakita 18v cordless impact driver
1/4 inch hitachi cordless impact driver1/4 inch hitachi cordless impact driver
1/4 teccpo impact driver1/4 teccpo impact driver
Users' Ratings
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  • Has a brushless powerstate motor that delivers up to 1800 in-lbs of torque.
  • There are four different speed settings to select from.
  • Has constant power output.
  • Powered by 18V battery that has an onboard fuel gauge
  • Features the REDLINK PLUS protective technology electronic system.
  • The driver has self-tapping mode purposely for driving self-tapping screws without ripping their heads off.
  • Weighs only 2.1lbs
  • Features a Dewalt built brushless motor that delivers up to 1825 in-lbs of torque.
  • Has 3 LED work light with 20 seconds delay
  • Includes a torque/speed selector with 3-speed settings.
  • Features a quick release chuck and a 1/4 inch hex anvil.
  • Powered by a 20V 2A battery
  • Boasts a 4 pole brushed motor
  • Has dual LED with afterglow to illuminate work area.
  • Features a convenient one-touch chuck and 1/4 inch hex anvil.
  • Speed is controlled using the variable speed trigger
  • Internals are protected by an all metal gear housing.
  • Has a rubberized soft grip handle for increased comfort.
  • Equipped with technology to prevent overloading, over-discharging, and over-heating
  • Makita quick charge charger is has a fan to cool the battery when charging.
  • Comprises a brushless motor that delivers up to 1280in-lbs of torque.
  • Features an LED light to illuminate dark work spaces.
  • Has a 1/4" quick-change chuck for quick and simple bit replacements
  • Speed/torque output is controlled by the responsive variable speed trigger.
  • Has only one mode of operation.
  • Driven by a 4-pole copper brushed motor that delivers up to 1600 in-lbs of torque.
  • Has a trigger-activated LED light.
  • There are 2 speed settings: (0 - 450 & 0 - 1700 RPM) to select from.
  • Speed is controlled by a variable speed trigger.
  • Includubber overmolded handle with ergonomic design for maximum user comfort
  • Includes a belt clip
  • Integrates quick charge technology into the charger
Parts Included
  1. Milwaukee 2753-22CT impact driver tool
  2. (2) M18 Redlithium Battery
  3. M18 & M12 Multi-Voltage Charger
  4. Bit holder
  5. Belt clip
  6. Hard plastic carrying case
  1. Dewalt cordless impact driver power tool
  2. Charger
  3. (2) 20V Lithiun ion batteries.
  4. Hard plastic case
  5. Belt clip
  1. Makita Cordless Impact Driver tool
  2. (1) 18V/3Ah Lithium Battery
  3. Fast charger
  4. Blow molded tool case
  1. (2) 18V Lithium Ion Batteries
  2. 18V 35-Minute Charger
  3. Hard plastic carrying case
  1. TECCPO cordless impact driver
  2. (2) 20V/2Ah lithium battery
  3. Belt clip
  4. Contractor bag
No Load Speed 0 - 850/2100/3000 RPM 0-1000/ 2800/ 3250 RPM 0 - 2900 RPM 0 -2400 RPM 0-3000RPM
Torque MOD 1: 0 - 850 in-lbs
MOD 2: 0 - 2100 in-lbs
MOD 3: 0-3000 in-lbs
MOD 4: Self-tapping mode
MOD 1: 0-240 in-lbs
MOD 3: 0 -1,825 in-lbs
1460 in-lbs 1280 in-lbs 1600in-lbs
Impacts per minute (IPM) 3700 IPM 3800 IPM 3500 IPM 3200 IPM 4000BPM
Chuck type 1/4 inch Hex 1/4 inch Hex 1/4 inch Hex 1/4 inch Hex 1/4 inch Hex
Length 5.25 inches 5.3 inches 5.4 inches
Battery Pack 18V/4Ah Li-ion M18 Battery DCB203 - 2.0 Ah 20V MAX* XR® Batteries 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah Battery (BL1830) 18V/3Ah Lithium-ion Battery 20V/2Ah Lithium-ion battery
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty on then tool and 3 Year Warranty on the battery 1 Year Free Warrany and 3 Years Limited Warranty 3 Year Warranty Lifetime warranty on the tool, 2 year warranty on battery, and 1 year warranty charger 2 Year Warranty on Tool and Battery
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Detailed Review of the Best 1/4 Cordless Impact Driver Kits

Milwaukee 1/4 Hex Impact Driver Kit Review

The 1/4 inch Milwaukee cordless impact driver kit comprises of 2 18V/4Ah Lithium-ion M18 batteries, a brushless impact driver tool, M12/M18 charger, belt clip, bit clip, and of course they come packed in a nice hard plastic carrying case. Weighing just about 3 pounds and 12 ounces together with the battery, the Milwaukee 2753-22CT cordless impact driver delivers enough power to drive different types of screws and bolts in light and heavy-duty applications.

More specifically, the Milwaukee M18 cordless impact driver features a 1/4 inch chuck that is designed to allow easy installation and removal of bits. Its handle has a soft rubber finish for increased comfort during use. The variable speed trigger is easy to depress to allow easy control of speed. The forward and reverse button is also strategically located to allow the operator to change the direction of rotation easily during operation. The impact driver tool has additional features such as a bright LED light with a 10-seconds delay to illuminate the work area, a belt clip for suspending the tool on the tool belt when you are not using it, and a bit clip for holding bits. All these features make the M18 fuel driver very usable in different work environments.

The Milwaukee M18 impact driver 1/4 inch is rated at a maximum of 1800 in-lbs of torque and the brushless motor delivers up to 3000 RPM. Most importantly, the tool has 4 working modes with different speed and torque settings for increased versatility and control. The modes include:

  • Mode 1 – delivers up to 200 in-lbs of torque and a maximum of 850 RPM
  • Mode 2 – delivers up to 700 in-lbs of torque and a top speed of 2100 revolutions per minute
  • Mode 3 – limits the torque to 1800 in-lbs and maximum speed of 3000 RPM.
  • Mode 4 – Also known as Self-tapping mode. It is a special operation mode for installing self-tapping screws

Operation Modes of the M18 1/4 Inch Impact Driver

Mode 1

Mode 1 delivers up to 200 inch-pounds at a maximum variable speed of 850 RPM. In this mode, the tool starts by driving the screws quite fast and slows down as the head approaches the surface upon which it begins to impact to ensure the screw head is flush without overtightening. This mode is ideal for tightening door hinge screws.

Mode 2

In Mode 2, the Milwaukee 18V impact driver delivers up to 700 inch-pounds and a maximum of 2100RPM that can be varied using the speed trigger. If you are a mechanic, you will like this operation mode for tightening automotive nuts.

Mode 3

Mode 3 delivers the maximum torque of the tool (up to 3000 inch-pounds) at up to 3000 RPM. It is the preferred mode of operation for driving screws through metal and works very well when doing steel stud framing. In other words, you will need mode 3 of this Milwaukee impact driver to perform heavy-duty tasks.

Mode 4 (Self-tapping mode)

The fourth mode of operation is the self-tapping mode. It is purposely meant to drive self-tapping screws because it provides custom speed and power needs. In this mode of operation, the driver starts at a controlled speed that ramps up gradually to 3000RPM. This controlled start of the driver in this operation mode prevents walking of the driver bit

The maximum speed of the self-tapping mode ensures that the screw winds through its threads quickly. As the head approaches the surface, the speed slows down automatically to about 750 RPM to prevent breaking or stripping out the screw head. Simultaneously, the tool begins a slow impact action on the screw to ensure that the screw sits flush on the surface without overdriving. This operation mode leaves behind a very neat finish on your fixtures.


  • Speed selection provides greater control over output speed and torque.
  • Has a dedicated operation mode for driving self-tapping screws
  • The power level control allows you to never overdrive or strip
  • Cross-compatible battery
  • Very light at only 2.1lbs to reduce fatigue on your arm
  • Battery has onboard fuel gauge
  • Versatile


  • Quite expensive


Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver is an incredible tool that combines power, efficiency, precision, and amazing operator control to provide an unmatched working experience. The tool has a compact design and is generally not heavy on your hand thus preventing you from fatigue so that you can get more work done. The driver holds the impact bits tight to prevent them from wobble thus increasing efficiency and reducing wear on the tool. Tight-fitting bits also have longer life because of the reduced chances of stripping.

Additionally, the RedLink plus intelligence technology allows the tool to communicate with the battery for optimum operation and to prevent overheating. As a result, this increases the life of the battery and tool. Lastly, the self-tapping operation mode of this milwaukee power driver is extremely useful and makes it the best impact driver for framers whose work involves driving fasteners into soft wood, sheet metal, ducts, and other delicate materials.

20V Dewalt Cordless Impact Driver Kit (DCF887D2) Review

The Dewalt impact driver kit features two 20V batteries, a 20V/12V charger, the DCF887D2 impact driver tool, and a hard plastic carrying case. The DCF887D2 DeWalt cordless impact driver is a brushless, 3-speed power tool ideal for driving nuts, bolts, and screws in light and heavy duty works. The tool weighs about 2.14 pounds together with the 2Ah battery and 3 pounds with the 4Ah battery.

The cordless DeWalt 20V impact driver features a brushless motor that efficiently delivers up to 1825 pounds of torque. The tool also has a 1/4 inch hex chuck with an easy lock that allows you to slide in bits without having to pull the chuck away. Removing the bit is super easy as well because you only need to pull the collar a little bit to the front to release the bit. The chuck locks the bits in place so you don’t have to worry about the bits coming off of the tool while you work.

Working with the Dewalt cordless impact driver is super easy because of its light weight and ergonomic design. The rubber grip on the handle allows the tool to rest comfortably on your hand while its variable trigger is nice and easy depress in order to vary speed. The button for switching between three operation modes is also big enough to allow you to operate without having to remove safety gloves. In addition, the DeWalt impact driver features 3 LED lights at the front to light up the work surface. The lights have a 20 seconds delay to increase visibility even after the last trigger release.

The rubber meets the road with the cordless Dewalt brushless impact driver when it comes to its operation modes. It has three operations modes, namely:

  • Mode 1 (Precision Mode) – limits torque to about 20 ft-lbs and speed to 1000 rpm
  • Mode 2 (Normal Mode) – limits speed to about 2800 rpm and 125 ft-lbs of torque
  • Mode 3 (High Speed) – delivers a maximum of 152 ft-lbs, 3250 rpm, and a maximum of 3800 impacts per minute

DCF887D2 Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench Operation Modes

Mode 1

Also known as the precision mode, Mode 1 is characterized by spinning slowly at a variable speed of up to 1000 rpm. Because of the slow speed and the subsequent low torque of up to 240 inch-pounds, the precision mode enables greater control that makes it ideal for lighter applications such as the installation of cabinet hinge screws. When operating in this mode, the impact driver tends to hesitate and begin to drive small lateral impacts as the screw head approaches the workspace. This ensures that the screw head ends perfectly flush with the surface.

Mode 2

Mode 2 is also known as the Normal operation mode. It is arguably the most used mode of operation of the DeWalt cordless impact driver because it delivers up to 1500 inch-pounds of torque at a maximum 2800 rpm. It is used mostly for tasks such as tightening down automotive bolts.

Mode 3

Lastly, Mode 3, also referred to as the High-Speed impacting mode is the third operation mode of the cordless DeWalt impact driver. In this mode, the tool delivers up to 1825 inch-pounds of torque at 3250 rpm that can be controlled using the variable speed trigger. This is the highest torque setting that can be used for heavy duty applications.


  • A user can select from three speed settings.
  • Not heavy on your hands
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Works well even in poorly lit areas
  • Offers a decent battery life even with intensive use.
  • Competitively priced


  • Bits tend to wobble a little bit inside the drive.


The cordless DeWalt 20V impact driver is a great tool that gives you control with its three-speed mode settings. It is light on your hand to prevent fatigue. It is also very powerful and the rubber grip on the handle makes it comfortable to hold. When you don’t have the impact wrench, the DeWalt cordless impact driver doubles up as one to remove wheel bolts and lug nuts that are torqued to spec.

However, the only issue which is not necessarily a deal breaker is that the bits tend to wobble a little bit inside the drive. This happens especially when driving screws into wood. Nevertheless, the DeWalt cordless impact driver is a great tool with the highest specs among competitors and definitely a great addition to your toolbox. It is even better if this will not be your first cordless dewalt tool because you can swap the batteries.

Makita 18V Cordless Impact Driver Review

The XDT111 Makita cordless impact driver set includes two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah batteries, 18V Lithium-Ion rapid optimum charger, Makita 18V impact driver tool, and a blow molded plastic carrying case. The Makita cordless impact driver is equipped with an innovative 4-pole brush motor that delivers up to 1460 inch-pounds of torque at a maximum speed of 2900RPM and 3500 impacts per minute. It has a 5.375-inch long head and is fitted with a belt hook that easily clips to your work or regular belt. In addition, Makita cordless screwdriver is ergonomically designed for increased comfort and lightweight (only 3.1 pounds with battery) and compact for reduced operator fatigue.

Some of the specific features that make the Makita 18V cordless impact driver a great power tool include the compact size that makes it easier to get into tight areas. It also has dual LED bright lights next to the variable trigger button to increase visibility. Because brushed motors spark and heat under load, the all-metal gear housing of the Makita impact driver has ventilation that improves cooling performance and overall efficiency.

Additional features include star protection communication technology between the 18V LX-T Lithium-Ion battery and the tool that protects the battery against overload, over-discharge and overheating. As a result, this increases the life of both the tool and the battery. The LX-T Lithium-Ion battery lineup also boasts a quick charging time, which ensures that you put your tool to work longer than it sits idle waiting for batteries to charge.


  • The dual LED lights shine brightly on the target to make working in dark areas easy.
  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • Only takes 30 minutes to full charge the battery.


  • Has only one speed power selection


The XDT111 cordless Makita impact driver kit is a great brushed set that delivers up to 122 ft-lb of torque. It is ergonomically designed and fits well in the hand. It also has a good build quality and strength for increased durability. The two downsides, however, are that the tool only has one-speed selection and uses brushed motors.

Unfortunately, the lack of multiple speed selections like the Dewalt and Milwaukee counterparts greatly affects the versatility of Makita XDT111. In addition, the 4-pole brushed motor, though 26 percent more efficient than 2-pole motors, is inferior to brushless motors. Other than that, the Makita 18V impact driver is a great electric cordless driver that can be used in applications such as body works and framing that involves driving lug screws and installing decking screws.

Hitachi Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review

Manufactured by the Japanese company Hitachi, the Hitachi impact driver kit includes two 3Ah 18V Lithium-Ion batteries and the Hitachi brushless impact driver tool stowed nicely in a hard plastic carrying case. The tool only weighs about 3.1 pounds with battery and delivers a constant power of 1280 inch-pounds operating at a maximum of 2400 revolutions per minute and up to 3200 blows per minute.

The Hitachi cordless impact driver is equipped with a quarter inch quick change chuck that allows you to change bits faster and easier. It also features a responsive variable speed trigger that provides the user with complete control during operation. Work does not stop with this tool when it gets dark because it incorporates a bright LED light that increases visibility even in enclosed work areas. The working bit is also kept close at hand when you need it by the on-tool bit storage slot. The handle is rubber molded to give a comfortable grip during operation and reduce operator fatigue.


  • Lightweight
  • Illuminates poorly lit work areas
  • Budget friendly
  • Great life warranty on the tool


  • Does not include a belt clip
  • Handgrip may start to wear after many uses.
  • Does not offer multiple operation modes


If you are working on a budget or you are a homeowner the Hitachi 18 Volt impact driver is a great tool from a trustworthy company. It is ideal for performing tasks around the house that require quite low RPM. It is well built and compact and will drive screws and bolts even tight spaces. It has an unmatched lifetime warranty cover and 2 years on the Lithium-Ion battery and 1 year on the charger. Generally, the Hitachi impact driver 18V kit makes light work out of removing and installing fasteners, driving screws into hard and soft materials, and activities such as hanging drywall and screwing down subfloors. Besides the speed limit, the other major shortcoming is that torque is not adjustable although speed can be varied with the variable trigger.

Teccpo Impact Driver Review

Teccpo Cordless Impact driver set includes the impact driver, two 2Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, a belt clip, and a cloth carrying case. The tool features a more efficient 4-pole brushed motor that is powerful enough to produce up to 1600 inch-pounds of torque at a maximum of 2900 RPM at 4000 Impacts per Minute.

The Teccpo cordless impact driver is well designed for great comfort while in use. Its handle, though not rubber molded for slip resistance, is nicely curved to the palm and the fingers. The onboard LED light shines well on the target to increase visibility in poorly lit workspaces. Unlike the Milwaukee and Dewalt that have a one-touch chuck, the Teccpo requires you to pull the collar out to install and remove bits. Once installed, the belt clip enables an operator to securely suspend the tool on the belt and keep the hands free when it is not in use. The downside, however, is that the cordless driver only has 1-speed setting, which reduces its versatility. The speed is controllable with the indexable speed trigger. The 2Ah Lithium-Ion batteries are quick to charge; takes only 30 minutes to fully charge with the dual voltage Teccpo charger.


  • Very inexpensive (less than $100)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Includes 3 bonus high quality 1/4″ hex to square socket adapters and 2 chrome vanadium driver bits
  • The LED light helps keep area well lit so you can see what you’re working on
  • Easy to install and remove bits on the 1/4 quick release chuck
  • The position of the reverse&forward select buttons allow you to operate the tool with one hand.


  • Comes in a contractor bag instead of a blow-molded carry case
  • Limited battery capacity. Cannot get more than 2Ah.
  • Not meant for daily heavy-duty use.


If you are starting out as a mechanic or at a body shop or you just want to accomplish a few tasks within the house, Teccpo impact driver is a good choice. It is budget friendly and will get the job done for you without necessarily breaking the bank. Its charger is also usable on both 110V and 240V outlets. Unfortunately, this tool will not hold up well for daily use. So, if you are looking for a tool that you will abuse on a daily basis in your shop, look beyond the teccpo power driver. Unless you are okey with a tool that breaks down on you when you need it to stand up against stubborn rusty fasteners.

7 Factor to Consider When Selecting a 1/4 Cordless Impact Driver Kit

The knowledge of how the best impact drivers compare in performance is not all that is needed to pick the best tool. The following additional factors also need to be put into consideration before spending a dime on a battery impact driver.

    1. Speed settingsThe clutch is responsible for adjusting the amount of force exerted onto a screw. The best cordless impact driver is one whose clutch has the widest selection. Out of the five best impact drivers, Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver and DeWalt impact driver have the 3 torque selections each. In addition, Milwaukee has a fourth selection that automatically adjusts the lateral force to drive self-tapping screws safely and efficiently without stripping or walking.
    2. ApplicationYou can select the battery powered impact driver based on your needs. If you are a homeowner looking for a tool that will perform light tasks around the house, you can go for impact drivers that do not deliver a lot of torque. These impact drivers are also cheaper. Alternatively, you can just consider other factors because any tool will either deliver as much torque as you need or will give you more control.
    3. Brand/Battery LineupBatteries can be a huge saving when purchasing cordless tools. You do not need to buy extra batteries and charger if you already have other battery powered tools that use the same battery line up. For instance, if you have already invested in Milwaukee’s M18 battery lineup, it is economical and more reasonable to stick with Milwaukee fuel impact driver even if Dewalt seems best to you.
    4. Speed selectionAbility to control the speed of the driver helps you protect screws from damage. For instance, high speed can strip screws or overdrive them into the material. The best cordless impact drivers are those that give an operator the control over speed either through a variable speed trigger or by having various speed settings. The Milwaukee 2753-22CT and Dewalt DCF887D2 impact drivers have a range of speed settings that an operator can select when driving different screws, bolts, and nuts.
    5. Type of motorThere are two types of motors; brushed and brushless motor. Brushless motors are more efficient, do not spark, and do not require maintenance. Brushed motors, on the other hand, spark, are less efficient, overheat more under load but less expensive. Out of the five cordless impact drivers, Makita and Teccpo are brushed and the rest are brushless. Depending on the compromise you want to make between cost and efficiency, you can choose the tool that works for you.
    6. PriceSome 1/4″ lithium ion impact drivers cost a lot more than others. Some cost as low as below $100 while others cost close to $300. Hitachi and Teccpo are among the cheapest yet powerful and reliable 1/4 impact drivers.
    7. WarrantyTools are a huge investment and their insurance after purchase is very important. All the five impact drivers have warranty cover but the periods of cover vary significantly. Hitachi tops the list with an unmatched lifetime warranty cover on the tool while Dewalt only provides a year of cover. Milwaukee is second with 5 years cover followed by Makita which offers 3 years cover and Teccpo with 2 years of cover.

    By taking all those factors into consideration, you can make a more informed decision on which tool to place your money.

Many People Ask…

But what is the difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench?

An impact driver operates very similarly to an impact wrench. They both use a lateral impact mechanism to drive fasteners in or out of material. However, a driver does not deliver as much torque as an impact wrench and therefore cannot be used to break loose large lug nuts and bolts. If you are curious to know how the impact mechanism works in impact drivers and wrenches, check this video showing hammering action as captured with a speed camera.

What is the difference between an impact driver and a standard drill?

Although you can use an impact driver as a drill and vice versa, these two tools operate quite differently. An impact driver delivers more torque and power because of the rotational hammering. On the other hand, a regular drill does not have the hammering action and therefore delivers only a fraction of the power of an impact driver. Another difference is that an impact driver only accepts 1/4″ hex shank drill and driver bits whereas a drill has a versatile chuck that grips just about any type of drill bit firmly. Find out more about drill vs impact driver differences and similarities in this article.


Hey there! I am an field electrical engineer by day, a blogger by night, and DIYer on weekends. Throughout my career, I have used many tools and learned that getting the right tool for the job is the first step to getting the job done right. This is why I write about tools and tests/reviews them on this blog.