5 Best Battery Filler Bottles with Automatic Shutoff – 2020

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Last updated on January 19th, 2021

A deep cycle battery loses a substantial amount of water when gassing takes place during the electrolysis process. As a result, the ratio of water to sulphuric acid drops, causing the battery electrolyte to lose strength. This affects the battery capacity and its overall performance. Sometimes if the electrolyte level is not checked for a long time, it can run very low leaving the plates uncovered. This can cause irreversible damage to a deep cycle power bank. To keep your deep cycle battery in good condition and performing optimally, you need to maintain a proper electrolyte level. You can do this by regularly checking electrolyte level in battery and refilling with battery water when necessary. The handiest tool for refilling batteries without spilling is a battery filler bottle

What is a battery filler

A battery water filler is a bottle with a spout designed for topping up battery with distilled water. The best ones are designed to automatically shutoff when the right fluid level is reached to avoid overfilling. Although you can still refill flooded lead acid battery without using a designated equipment, it is more efficient and effective to use a filler bottle. Otherwise, you might spill a lot of water while trying to aim at the small battery vent. These spills can make a smooth floor slippery and a potential trip hazard. Even worse, overfilling a battery can cause electrolyte to boil over when charging resulting in serious acid hazards. The acid may also corrode the floor of your store.

This article is a review of the 5 best battery filler jugs with automatic shutoff you can use to top off your car lead acid battery. These fillers also make light work of adding water to larger battery banks such the RV batteries, golf cart batteries, and lead acid solar battery banks.

Top 5 Best Battery Filler Jugs Comparison Table

Performance Tool W54274 Battery Filler (2QT)Plews LubriMatic 75-030 2 Quart Professional Battery FillerMightyMax Deep Cycle Battery Water FillerOTC 4621 Two-Liter Battery FillerStone River Battery Water Filler
performance tool battery filler
plews battery filler
mighty max battery water filler
OTC two liter battery water filler
stone river battery filler
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  • Shuts off automatically when battery cell is at proper level
  • Has a spring loaded filler valve
  • Made of durable injection molded plastic
  • Has an opening for adding water
  • Shuts off automatically when battery cell is at proper level
  • Nozzle is fitted with a double action fast flow valve tip that prevents after-drip
  • Has a tough polythene construction that is not corrosive with acid.
  • Shuts off automatically when battery cell is at proper level
  • Made of acid proof tough polythene
  • Material is resistant to automotive fluids
  • Has a double action fast flow valve tip that prevents after-drip
  • Shuts off automatically when battery cell is at proper level
  • Nozzle is fitted with a double action fast flow valve tip that prevents after-drip
  • Has a tough polythene construction that is not corrosive with acid.
  • Has a shutoff valve
  • Nozzle is fitted with a double action fast flow valve tip that prevents after-drip
  • Made of tough polyethelyne material
Dimensions 5 x 9.6 x 10 inches 5 x 8.6 x 9.7 inches 7 x 5 x 9 inches 5.8 x 9.8 x 10.9 inches
Weight 16 ounces (454 grams) 6.4 ounces (181 grams) 5.6 ounces(159 grams) 14.4 ounces (408 grams) 6.4 ounces (181 grams)
Capacity 2 Quartz (2 Liters) 2 Quartz (2 Liters) 2 Quartz (2 Liters) 2 Quartz (2 Liters) 2 Quartz (2 Liters)
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Battery Water Fillers Detailed Reviews

Performance Tool W54274 Battery Filler (2QT) With Auto Shut Off

Performance Tool W54274 Battery Filler is similar to the LubriMatic filler in the sense that they both have an automatic shutoff nozzle and a 2 quartz capacity. However, this unit is different because it has two openings; one at the top for adding battery water and the other one for attaching the spout. Its spout has a spring-loaded valve that prevents the nozzle from getting stuck after you press it down into the battery cell vent to release water. It is also made of durable injection molded plastic that makes it strong enough to withstand the force when pressed down.


  • Has an opening at the top for adding water
  • Filler cap fits tightly to avoid air leakage
  • Sturdy body to withstand the force of pressing it down on a hole when adding water to battery
  • Fairly priced


  • Can overfill battery if the cap is not well-fitted


The Performance Tool Battery Filler is designed to eliminate chore from watering batteries and is a must have especially if you have multiple batteries to refill. It is ideal for refilling golf cart batteries. It is also the cheapest among the best battery fillers and certainly a good value for your money.

Plews LubriMatic Battery Water Jug Review

Plews 75-030 auto shut off 2 quart capacity plastic battery filler is a good addition to the tools and equipment for the maintenance of deep cycle batteries. It is indeed a very clever way to retire the funnel you use to add water to the golf cart batteries, your car battery or the batteries in the solar shed. Fitted with an automatic shutoff valve, the filler helps prevent overfilling cells or spilling water when refilling batteries hence keeping the battery top and the floor dry.

This device has a 2 quarts capacity, enough to refill a bunch of batteries before the next replenishment. Its valve tip is a double action fast flow type that helps prevent after drip hence ensuring that you don’t get into contact with the corrosive battery electrolyte. The filler is made of tough polyethylene that makes it safe to use with battery acid.


  • Safe to use with battery acid
  • No risk of overfilling or spilling
  • Has two openings for easy refill
  • Inexpensive


  • Has only one opening for both adding water and fitting the nozzle


The LubriMatic 75-030 2 Quart professional battery water filler is a little handy long-lasting tool that increases safety and efficiency in the battery water refilling exercise. It is ideal for batteries with vents that are least 5/8″ wide.

MightyMax Deep Cycle Battery Water Filler Review

When you are working in a garage, you are likely to touch different automotive fluids. The last thing you want are tools that will degrade on coming into contact with those fluids. The MightyMax Deep Cycle Battery Water Filler is an ideal water filler for use in such an environment. It is designed to be exceptionally resistant to automotive fluids that are likely to come into contact with it during the process of servicing batteries. The filler has a single opening like the LubriMatic filler that is used for adding battery water to it and for attaching the spout. Its spout or nozzle features the double action fast flow valve tip that prevents fluid from dripping after withdrawal from the cell vent.


  • Does not overfill or underfill/li>
  • Easily accesses very tight places
  • No leaks or spills
  • Easy to use


  • You have to push to hard to get water to come out
  • The plastic is so thin that the filler bottle folds easily under pressure
  • Spout can cross threads when reinstalling sometimes


The MightyMax Deep Cycle Battery filler is a good choice for filling auto batteries and generally for garage use because of its resistance to automotive fluids. The downside, however, is that it is not sturdy enough and may tend to bend when pressed down hard.

OTC 4621 Two-Liter Battery Fill Bottle

In case you are looking for a battery filler made of heavy plastic material and looks durable, then you should add the OTC 4621 Two-Liter Battery Filler to your tool kit. It has two openings like the Performance Tool battery filler although it feels sturdier and costs three times more.The fill cap fits tightly without allowing any air incursion, which is very critical for the filler bottle to operate as intended. It also dispenses water quickly and easily and stops exactly when the cell is full to about the lower line.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to add water into the device through the hole at the top


  • Battery filler does not work well if you do not torque the filler cap properly


Although it is the most expensive, the OTC 4621 Two-Liter Battery Filler is durable, easy to add battery water without removing the spout, and easy to use. It is a good alternative to your funnel and flashlight and of course, it spares your back!

Stone River Golf Cart Water Filler Review

Albeit scoring a high failure rate among buyers, Stone River Battery Filler is a good way to eliminate the mess found with funnels with its drip-free design. It is made of tough polyethylene material to ensure durability and has two openings like the OTC 4621. Although it boasts having an automatic shutoff nozzle, many buyers claim that it fails just after a couple of uses. It also needs a good amount of pressure to push it down into a battery cell opening.


  • Very easy to use
  • Has a top opening for adding water


  • Not very strong on the seams
  • May overfill batteries sometimes


The plastic is so thin that it bends when a good amount of force is used on it. Although there are very good units, chances of getting one that falls apart after a couple of uses or one whose valve doesn’t shut off are also very high.

Final Verdict

Battery fillers are great for topping up batteries in your car, RV, golf cart, or electric cart with no spilling. They make the chore of keeping the battery serviced easier, faster, and safer. These simple devices make a task that was always messy and quite dangerous very safe, fast, and easy. No more electrolyte spills and no more balancing a gallon of distilled water over a battery whole.

These battery filler jugs beat filling with a funnel for efficiency and beat a battery watering system for the price. When buying, however, it is good to know how the nozzle and the top cap fits. If either of these two parts does not provide an air-tight fit, then your jug will definitely malfunction and it will not serve you as expected. Our favorite among the 5 fillers in our review is Performance Tool’s golf cart battery filler because of its price and the double-opening design followed by Plews Lubrimatic filler jug because of its sturdy construction. However, feel free to choose any other device that pleases you. Furthermore, they are all relatively cheap, so why not follow your heart!

Why Maintain Car Battery

Deep cycle batteries are commonly used in various applications to store electrical charge. You will find arrays of them in the solar shed of a solar energy plant where they are used to store electricity generated from PV modules. Similarly, you will also find stacks of them inside the golf carts for storing electrical energy for driving the small vehicles. Under the hood of your motor vehicle, you will find one that powers accessories and helps you start the car. In order to keep these flooded batteries in optimal performance and extend their life, you need to occasionally carry out some maintenance practices. Two very important yet simple battery maintanance procedures include:

  1. Checking the strength of battery electrolyte.

    This procedure involves using a hydrometer or refractometer to measure the specific gravity of the battery electrolyte. The readings are recorded, temperature corrected and then compared against the voltage measured across the terminals of the battery to determine the state of charge and the overall health of a battery.

  2. Checking the battery electrolyte level.

    This method involves inspecting the deep cycle battery to check the electrolyte level. If the battery acid level is below the battery plates or slighly covers the plates, carefully top up with battery water to the corect level without spilling, underfilling, or overfilling.

There are several ways of adding water to a car battery or any other deep cycle battery that is not maintenance-free. You can use a funnel, pro-fill watering kit hand pump, battery filler bulb, hydrometer, or a battery filler. However the most efficient and effective method is using a battery water filler. This battery refill kit helps to add water to battery without overfilling or spilling.

A battery filler is a relatively cheap, easy to use, handy little bottle fitted with a spout for feeding water into battery to the correct level. Most battery fillers have nozzles fitted with an automatic shutoff valve that detects the level of electrolyte and automatically cuts off the flow of water to avoid overfilling.

Although they come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and structures, battery water fillers function almost the same way. That is probably why most of them don’t even ship with user manuals, which makes it difficult for first time user to use the tool. But because we care, we have gone out of our way to publish the standard procedure for using most if not all the battery filler bottles on the market. We want to make it easy for you to transition from using a funnel to using an intelligent filler that makes light the work of maintaining deep cycle batteries.

How to use a battery filler in seven simple steps

The following is a simple seven-step procedure for using a battery filler bottle when maintaining your deep cycle batteries.

  1. Fill the battery water filler with battery water.

    Normally, you will come across two types of battery filler bottles; ones with only one opening and those with two. For fillers with only one opening, you will have to remove the spout or nozzle in order to fill the cylinder with water. Then replace the nozzle and torque it tightly to prevent water from spilling. For battery filler jugs with two openings, remove the bottle cap at the top, add battery water, then replace the cap and torque tightly to prevent air incursion.

  2. Remove the vent cap from the battery cell.

    Ensure you are wearing your safety goggles and a pair of latex gloves to avoid corrosion with acid.

  3. Direct the spout to the battery vent

    Stick the nozzle of the battery filler into the battery hole perpendicularly and press it down. Water will flow through up until the level of the electrolyte rises to the tip of the nozzle.

  4. Refill Battery to right level

    You will also hear the water gurgle as it flows into the cell. Assuming that the battery filler has an automatic shutoff, the flow, as well as the gurgling, will stop as soon as the required level of electrolyte is reached.

  5. Withdraw battery filler and move to the next cell.

    Move to the next cell and remember to refill the bottle whenever it runs out of battery water during the exercise.

  6. Replace battery vent caps

    Once complete, replace the battery cell vent caps, wipe the top and drain any remaining water from the filler bottle.

  7. Store your filler bottle in a safe place.

    Rinse the filler bottle and store it safely in your tool storage area.

Always remember to rinse your battery filler with fresh tap water before storing it in your toolbox!


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