Vomex Electric Pruning Shears Ultimate Review

Looking for the best power tool to harvest vines or prune young trees in the orchard? Try Vomex Cordless pruning shears

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Cutting the branches of trees and shrubs around the home or garden is one of the activities you wake up to in the leafy suburbs. The activity is called pruning. It involves clipping off unwanted branches from plants. You can do it to encourage strong and healthy growth, trim off dense branches, or shape the trees and hedges for aesthetic appeal. If you have an orchard, you can prune the fruit-producing trees to increase flowers and fruit production. Sometimes pruning is done to control disease in plants. You can prune off a disease-infected or pest-infested branch to keep the disease or pest from spreading to the healthy branches. In other words, pruning is an important care activity for trees and other perennial vegetations.

Pruning can be done using a variety of tools including a knife, shears, secateurs, machete, hand and power saw, or by hand. The choice depends mostly on the tools you have at your disposal, the nature of the trees you want to prune, and your personal preference. However, the secateurs or pruning shears are the most common pruning tools. They look like pliers with two short sharp blades hinged together to work like scissors. Others have an anvil design whereby it is only one blade that moves to and from the anvil. They are good for cutting fresh branches not the dead woody branches.

Unfortunately, manual pruning shears are operated by hand just like pliers and as such can fatigue your wrist and arm if you use them for so long. They might also be difficult to use by the elderly or people suffering from arthritis. That is where electric pruning shears come in handy.

Electric Pruning Shears

vomex power electric pruning shears kit
Vomex Power Electric pruning shears kit

Electric pruning shears are driven by an electric motor. When you press down the trigger, the motor runs to operate the gears that open and close the blade to cut. Electric pruners are either corded or cordless. In this article, I review one of the best electric pruners in the market; the Vomex cordless electric pruning shears.

Vomex Electric Pruning Shears

Key Features

  • Features a brushless motor
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Includes 2 batteries of 2A/14.8V
  • Maximum cutting width: 28mm (1.1inch)
  • High carbon steel SK5 blades
  • Bypass blade design
  • Includes a plastic carry case, spare blade, and otehr accessories


  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Length (end to end): 12.5 inches
  • Width: 4.5 inches

Overall weight

One of the factors in mind when designing cordless pruners was to eliminate fatigue in pruning activities. In that regard, besides eliminating the manual action (which is the main source of fatigue) electric pruning shears need to be light on the hand as well. Accordingly, the Vomex just weighs about 1 kg, which is light enough for your arm. You can use it for extended periods without feeling as tired as you would with regular shears.

If you have arthritis in your hands or knee joints, the extra 2 pounds of this tool will not hurt. In fact, it feels like exercise. In other words, the Vomex cordless branch trimmer is well-sized for everyone but most importantly the elderly persons and people with arthritis or Carpal tunnel syndrome. It brings back the fun of trimming young trees, shrubs, and hedges while taking away the intense labor.

Blade design

Vomex pruning shears blades
Bypass blades of Vomex pruning shears

The blades of the Vomex cordless shears have a bypass design. This means that both blades are sharpened.

When cutting, one blade remains stationary while the other opens and closes to create a shearing action. The fixed blade is curved inside to hold the branches and stems in place whereas the moving blade is curved outward to cut effectively. You can use them to cut branches and stems as wide as 1.1 inches. The knives are forged from hardened high carbon steel to cut for long without dulling or breaking. They are thick enough (about 4mm wide) to resist warping or deforming when cutting tough branches.

Unfortunately, the bypass blade design is not suitable for cutting hard woody stems and branches. Instead, they are perfect for severing fresh branches and vines. You can use them to trim young trees, shape a hedge, or harvest grapes in your vineyard. If you try to cut dry brittle branches with this tool, you may ruin the blades or strain the motor.


The Vomex electric pruner ships with two 2A/14.8V lithium-ion batteries. Ideally, a single battery should last you 2-3 hours. So, with both batteries charged, you can get a lot of work done before catching the next break. You can also alternate the batteries if you want to work continuously. However, it is best to take breaks to avoid overworking yourself and the motor.

The only downside of the batteries is that they are slow charging. They take at least two hours to recharge fully from dead. Therefore, if you are hard on the tool you might deplete one battery before the other one charges fully.

As far as charging is concerned, the kit comes with a charger that can be used on either 240V or 110V mains. This is a great advantage because you don’t have to worry about a step-up transformer when you take this tool to countries that use 240V. The charger adapter has an LED indicator that lights red when charging and green when the battery is fully charged. The little charging indicator takes away guesswork in telling when the battery is fully charged.


The motor is the engine of your electric tool. Therefore, its efficiency determines how much real power you get from the tool. The Vomex pruner incorporates a brushless motor. Brushless motors are more efficient than brush motors and are less prone to burning or smoking under intensive use.

The motor produces sufficient torque for the blades to slice through branches and stems like butter. It also runs quieter than the equivalent brushed motor thus adding to the quality of the tool. The only problem I noticed when operating the unit is that there is a buzzer sound that goes along with the motor. The sound makes the unit a little bit noisy but bearable. However, you do not need ear protection to use the Vomex pruner.

Operation modes

Tools with more than one operation mode provide better control. The Vomex battery tree trimmer has two operation modes. The first mode opens the blades all the way to 28mm and the second mode opens the shearing diameter up to 18mm. You select between the modes when powering up the unit.


Most people think that the color of a tool is just for aesthetic appeal. What they don’t know is that color determines how easily you can identify a tool from the rest or from the ground. The Vomex branch trimmer is blue in color with black highlights. The blue color is bright enough to spot from far at a glance. It helps to minimize the chances of leaving your power tool outside. Also, the bright color ensures that you spend your time being productive and not searching for the tool in the bushes.


One of the reasons for purchasing battery tree shears is to eliminate drudgery in pruning activities. However, poorly designed electric shears can be as tiring as a manual pruner. Therefore, you must ensure that besides eliminating the manual pruning action, your electric shears are comfortable in your hands and are not heavy.

The Vomex cordless electric shears are ergonomically designed. The weight of the tool is well balanced between the head and the tail to keep from tipping on one side. The handle has a rubber overmold to prevent the tool from slipping out of your hand. The anti-slip grip also makes the tool comfortable in your hand and helps to reduce fatigue.


Safety is a major concern when using tools, especially those that have sharp blades. Accordingly, the manufacturers of Vomex shears had that in mind and in effect included three safety features on the tool.

The first safety feature is a power button for switching the tool ON/OFF. The power button makes it impossible to operate the tool until you switch it on. The second safety feature is integrated into the trigger switch in that you have to pull the trigger twice in quick succession to activate the tool. The third safety feature is the automatic turning off of the tool when it stays on for about 7 minutes without being used. These three safety features keep the tool from accidentally switching on or activating thus preventing injuries.

Despite all those safety features, the pruner is still a safety hazard if you are not careful. You can easily chop off your finger if you place it between the blades unknowingly while cutting trees. So be very careful when using this kit. If you have kids around the house, I recommend storing the batteries separately in a lockable drawer. This will ensure that they do not operate the tool when you are not around.

That being said, the Vomex ES28 Rechargeable Pruning Shears are great overall and a good substitute for your manual pruners. They are also a great gift for an elderly gardener or anyone close to you who loves to garden but cannot use the traditional shears either because of their health or age. Lastly, although the Vomex cordless pruner is a bit pricey and not from a known brand, it puts up a good show in the garden or backyard. It feels solid and you can tell that is it built to last.

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How to Operate Vomex Electric Pruner

Operating the Vomex electric branch scissors right off the package is quite tricky. You need to consult the instruction manual to know how to activate the unit and select different operation modes. Fortunately, in this section, I share all the steps you need to safely operate the shears. You don’t need to worry when you lose or misplace the operator’s manual.


Step 1: Charge the batteries

Before you start the pruning exercise, charge the batteries fully so that you do not stop in between.

Step 2: Insert the battery

Hold the tool upright (blades facing upward) in one hand with the battery port facing towards you. Hold the battery in the other hand such that the instruction sticker faces you and the charging pin faces downwards. Now install the battery into the battery port and push it inside until it clicks into place.

To remove the battery, simply press the tabs on the side and pull it out.

Step 3: Switch on the unit

Press the power button to switch on the unit. You will hear a buzzing sound and the battery level indicator will turn on as well.

By default, the shears operate in the largest opening mode. In other words, it opens the widest shearing diameter.
If you want to operate it in the smaller opening mode, pull the trigger while pressing the power button. This will
set the blade opening to 18mm, which is ideal for cutting small stems.

Step 4: Pull the trigger twice to activate the motor

Because of safety reasons, the unit does not activate by pulling the trigger switch once. You have to pull it twice
in quick succession to activate. When activated, the blades will open and you will hear a buzzer sound as the blade opens.

Step 5: Pull the trigger and release normally to operate the blade.

Once activated, you can now operate the tool by pulling and releasing the trigger. Pressing the trigger closes the blade to cut and releasing retracts the blade. The trigger is variable. So, the harder you press the tighter the blade closes.

To cut with the tool, simply place material in between the blades and pull the trigger. The moving blade will slice
through like butter.

Step 6: Close and lock the blades.

After a day’s work with the Vomex electric shears tool, prepared it for storage. Begin by wiping the blades to remove juices and resins from plants and apply a little machine oil to prevent rusting. Then pull and hold the trigger to close and lock the blades. If you do not lock them, the tool will not fit in the pre-cut styrofoam inside the carry case. It is also unsafe to leave the cutting edges exposed.

Step 7: Switch off the unit

Long-press the power button to switch off the tool. You will hear a buzzer sound and the battery level display will turn off to indicate that the tool has powered off.

Vomex Electric Pruning Shears Unboxing and Review [Video]

This is a review of Vomex electric pruning shears. They take away strain from your wrist and make pruning small trees in the orchard a lot of fun.

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