MetMo Pocket Driver; Best Compact Ratchet Screwdriver of 21st Century?

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Who can resist the appeal of a compact fastening hand tool that combines a ratcheting action with a high-leverage handle? These features allow you to apply more twists to fasteners with small swing angles, even in tight spaces. And without busting your knuckles!

This is what Metmo pocket driver offers. This newly-released compact hand screwdriver from MetMo introduces a new level of versatility to the world of screwdrivers. You can carry it anywhere with you and use it to assemble anything at any time.

What is MetMo Pocket Driver?

metmo driver features

Key Features

  • Size: 4″ long
  • Bit size: 1/4″ hex
  • Lightweight (0.24 lbs)
  • Magnetic bit socket
  • Ratcheting action
  • Made from hardened metal
  • 3 models available

MetMo pocket driver is a tinier version of MetMo driver. If you haven’t seen or heard of the MetMo driver, it is the newest style of ratcheting screwdriver. Re-engineered from an antique German Tool by MetMo Company, short for “Metal in Motion“.

This is the same company from the UK that makes fancy and ingenious fidget toys for adults such as the MetMo Cube, MetMo Pen, and MetMo Helico, among others.

Besides building these satisfying fiddle toys, the engineers at MetMo also have a knack for re-inventing some old cool tools and adding a touch of modernity and practicality to them. This is exactly what they have done with the MetMo driver.

Arguably the company’s most successful project so far, the MetMo screwdriver is a reinvention of Conrad Baumann’s Weltrecord ratchet screwdriver – an antique German tool of the 1900s.

The first iteration of the MetMo driver was in 2021. It was hugely successful but had one drawback. It was too hefty to keep in the pocket.

Thankfully, the guys at MetMo heard these concerns and have now embarked on a mission to shrink the original MetMo driver (from 6.5″ to 4″) to make it more suitable for carrying in the pocket.

And behold, we now have the MetMo Pocket Driver. It is more compact and lightweight, perfectly fitting the bill of an EDC tool.

But despite these changes, this miniature MetMo driver maintains the same high quality and functionality standards as its predecessor.

So, let’s take a look at the MetMo driver in general.

MetMo Driver vs Original Boumann’s Weltrecord Ratchet Screwdriver

I know you are probably wondering, what is the difference between the MetMo driver and the original Weltrecord ratchet screwdriver?

The answer is simple, versatility! The re-imagined MetMo ratchet screwdriver is more versatile than its vintage model.

Unlike the antique tool which used proprietary bits, the MetMo driver uses standard 1/4″ hex bits, making it more versatile and universal.

Moreover, the MetMo driver is well-engineered with state-of-the-art techniques, resulting in seamless functionality and a more satisfying user experience.

Not to mention, you have on-board storage for bits and the handle folds down nicely to provide more leverage for torquing down tough fasteners.

And more importantly, now the MetMo Pocket Driver fits better in the pocket. You can carry it anywhere and whip it out anytime to drive small screws and bolts!

MetMo Driver vs Regular Screwdrivers

And what’s the difference between the MetMo screwdriver and ordinary screwdrivers?

Obviously, the MetMo driver is not the first ratcheting screwdriver. But there are two things that make it stand out; its build quality and its functionality.

Build quality

MetMo driver is fully metallic. This makes it look and feel solid.

The machining of each part, including the chuck, body, ratchet lever, etc is also done with precision. You can tell from the look and how the tool feels during use.

Alternative ratchet screwdrivers available in the market incorporate a blend of plastic and metal components, which compromises their overall durability and longevity.

So, comparatively, the MetMo driver is built like a tank to withstand more abuse.


Unlike ordinary screwdrivers, the Metmo screwdriver has a handle that swivels to different positions to provide more leverage for turning screws. This is the most outstanding feature you won’t find on any other screwdriver.

You can swivel the handle at 90 degrees for a T-grip, or at an acute angle for pistol grip, or just keep it in the default inline grip. Basically, you can adjust the handle to any position that offers you the best leverage. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with regular screwdrivers.

It is also good to note that the MetMo pocket driver is designed for the pocket. It is compact yet powerful and practical. It fits in the front pocket of your pants just as easily as a Leatherman!


uses of metmo pocket driver

With the right bit, there is nothing this pocket driver cannot tackle. Whether it is driving deck screws into deck boards or removing the pesky Xbox controller screws, no challenge is too big.

The chuck accepts any 1/4 inch hex bit including Allen hex key bits, regular screwdriver bits, and micro-screw bits.

You can even fit an adapter and socket assembly on the tool and use it to drive heavy-duty lag bolts when you dont have an impact driver on hand.


Overall, the MetMo driver is a great replacement for regular ratchet screwdrivers. Sometimes you can use it as an impact driver when you need more torque and more gentleness.

But the MetMo pocket driver is even more fun to have. It doubles up as a fidget toy and a powerful assembly tool. You can fiddle with it like a toy to relieve stress and still use it as an assembly tool for driving screws and lag bolts.

This pocket driver is compact and belongs to the same space as your trusty Leatherman. It is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for driving all sorts of screws in your home repair projects and appliance assembly. This makes it an indispensable addition to your everyday carry (EDC) tools.

And when you factor in its build quality and aesthetic appeal, it becomes apparent why the guys at MetMo tout it as the “World’s most satisfying driver“. Because, IMO, it is!

How Can I Get MetMo Pocket Driver?

Unfortunately, the MetMo pocket driver is not yet available at your favorite tool store or online shop. It is still in the production stage, which gives you a chance to support the project on Kickstarter.

There are many ways to support the MetMo Driver miniaturization project. You can either donate a few $$ to the project or pre-order your favorite version of the pocket driver.

The options available for pre-order include:

MetMo Pocket Driver | Black$111
MetMo Pocket Driver | Black Steel$149
MetMo Pocket Driver | Stainless Steel$187
All the three models$404
MetMo pocket driver preorder options

Unfortunately, the earliest shipping date is estimated at February 2024. Quite a long wait, but worth it.

Check out the Kickstarter page to learn more about the campaign.

versions of metmo driver

However, if you like the earlier and bigger version of MetMo Driver, you can get it at Indigogo.

There are three colors/versions to choose from: Grey, Dark, and Light. All have the same price point, currently at a discounted price of $135.

The Metmo Driver Review | Making Screwdrivers Obsolete

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