DOVOH Laser Level (H3-360G) Review (I Tested It!)

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I’m a DIY enthusiast who likes precision even on simple home improvement projects. Whether it’s constructing a new bookshelf or hanging picture frames, I use my trusty plumb bob and spirit level to get alignments dead on.

However, recently I realized the limitations of these tools in large projects. I have a new project coming on. I need to paint the walls of my new home and I reckon a ruler and spirit level are not reliable for making long straight lines on the wall. Plus, it is difficult to see Sharpie marks in a poorly lit room. And who wants pencil marks on the wall after a paint job?

So I had to look around for a better tool in the laser category. But before I could land on a decent laser level for the job, the DIY gods intervened in the most unexpected way.

The Dovoh Team surprised me with their 360-degree laser level. How timely! Just when I was looking for a perfect substitute for the traditional bubble level for my painting project.

Not to mention, this is a type of laser level that has been on my radar for a while but I had yet to purchase. It is as if the Dovoh team could read my mind, or maybe they’re just really good at telepathy – who knows?

Regardless, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to receive this laser level kit, especially with my ongoing painting project.

But more importantly, now I have an incredible chance to thoroughly test and review this Dovoh 360-degree laser level kit. Does it live up to the expectations? Is it truly a game-changer in the world of measuring tools, or will I still find myself yearning for my trusty spirit level?

Join me as I explore this tool to find out if it is truly worth adding to your arsenal of measuring tools. Let’s find out!

Dovoh Self-leveling 360 Laser Level Kit Review

The laser level comes with several accessories including a mounting system, remote control, protective/visibility glasses, 2 Li-ion batteries and charger, and a target plate. All these items fit nicely in the padded carry cases as you can see below.

dovoh laser level kit

Compact and Durable Construction

The DOVOH Self-leveling Laser is a reliable tool for precise leveling and alignment tasks. Measuring just 6″ x 5″ x 3.5″, this device is compact and has a construction that boasts durability and longevity.

All its delicate parts (such as the laser windows) are recessed to protect them from impact. Moreover, the unit has a protective rubber housing to ensure it lasts on the job site. The rubber mold also provides a non-slip grip that keeps it from slipping out of the hand.

Even better, this laser kit comes in a sturdy plastic carry case, making it easy to safely transport or store with other tools.

Multiple Power Supply Options

One notable advantage of this laser level is its ample power supply. It comes with two high-capacity rechargeable batteries that offer extended operating time. This minimizes interruptions for recharging during critical tasks. You can also power it directly through the on-board type-C USB port.


dovoh h3-360G laser level is versatile

The DOVOH Self-leveling Laser’s versatility is another strong suit. Thanks to its ingenious versatile mounting system that easily attaches to a variety of surfaces, including wood, sheetrock, and steel. This adaptability simplifies the setup process, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

mounting the dovoh laser on camera tripod stand
Dovoh laser mounted on a camera tripod stand

The laser has two mounting ports of different sizes that you can use to attach a tripod or mounting bracket. A 1/4″ and 5/8″. The 1/4″ port is the right size for attaching to the regular tripod stand for camera.

As you can see, it fits so well on my camera tripod. I will be using this setup in the meantime before I can get a more sturdy tripod stand.

When positioned perpendicular to the target surface, the laser projects a clean, visible, and perfectly straight beam, ensuring accurate measurements and alignments. To enhance visibility, especially in bright light conditions, the kit includes accessories such as a target and glasses.

You also get a remote control to toggle on/off the laser beams from a distance. This saves you time in the project because you don’t have to walk to the device to turn the laser on or off.


While the DOVOH Self-leveling Laser is a versatile and reliable tool, there are two limitations I noticed while testing it.

Firstly, the laser beam can be difficult to see in bright light without the aid of the provided target and glasses. And as you move farther from the device, the lines grow faint and invisible even with additional accessories.

Secondly, while it is easy and straightforward to operate the Dovoh 360 laser level, it is quite cumbersome to set it perfectly perpendicular to the target. This can prolong the setup process. I would suggest an onboard bubble level to help with alignment.

Here’s a summary of some of the pros and cons I identified while interacting with this unit:


  • Robust construction with protective rubber housing
  • Its orange color is easy to see on the jobsite
  • Ample power supply with two rechargeable batteries
  • Versatile mounting for various surfaces
  • Straight beam projection for precise alignments
  • Includes accessories for enhanced visibility and versatility (e.g target, protective glasses, and remote control)


  • Limited vertical adjustment on non-vertical surfaces
  • The laser line deviates marginally on non-plumb walls
  • Limited visibility in bright light conditions
  • The horizontal laser beam is a little fainter than the vertical line

Dovoh Laser Level (H3 – 360G) Review Video

This is our review video of the DOVOH Self-leveling laser tool kit. Arguably one of the best inexpensive 360-degree laser levels that you can add to your tool kit to replace the traditional spirit level and plumb bob for home improvement projects.


Overall, the DOVOH Self-leveling Laser looks durable, is versatile, and is reasonably accurate! It is a valuable tool for leveling and alignment tasks, especially indoors. I will be using it to get alignments dead on in my home improvement projects including painting, laying tiles, and making wall cabinets.

Despite the shortcomings I highlighted above, the Dovoh H3-360G self-leveling laser level is still a great addition to the toolbox, especially for indoor home improvement projects. It emits very bright and crisp laser beams indoors. This makes it a perfect measuring tool for projects such as laying tiles, painting, cabinetry, and hanging picture frames.


Hey there! I am an field electrical engineer by day, a blogger by night, and DIYer on weekends. Throughout my career, I have used many tools and learned that getting the right tool for the job is the first step to getting the job done right. This is why I write about tools and tests/reviews them on this blog.

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