MetMo Multi Drive: The Ultimate Desktop Tool (Coming Soon)

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Forget the clunky tools! MetMo tools are more than just regular tools. They’re meticulously engineered and packed with amazing detail and finesse that any engineer or nerd will appreciate.

These marvels of engineering from MetMo Tools are a pleasure to use. They are satisfying both to the eyes and hands. And this makes them a perfect gift for anyone who loves well-designed tools.

Previously, I shared the news about the MetMo pocket driver project, and the response was phenomenal. This compact screwdriver features a ratcheting mechanism and a T-handle, making removing and installing screws easy and smooth.

Now, I’m excited to share news of yet another project on Kickstarter from MetMo tools – The MetMo Multi Drive!

MetMo Multi Drive Overview

Metmo 7-in-1 multi drive tool

The MetMo multidrive a.k.a MetMo 7 is a pencil-sized pocket tool that packs a punch, replacing up to seven desk essentials!

Whether you need a scribe to mark a workpiece, a craft knife for detail work, a drill for small projects, a marker for points you want to drill, a trusty pencil for drawing sketches, a file for smoothing the edges of models, or a precision screwdriver for small screws, the MetMo Multi Drive has you covered.

This 7-in-1 miniature tool seamlessly transforms into the 7 different tools to tackle any desktop project. It utilizes a clever 1/4″ (4mm) drive adapter system to offer unmatched versatility. Any 1/4″ hex drive bit fits nicely and tightly, except for the graphite lead and file that cleverly integrate without requiring an adapter.

Key Features

  • 7-in-one tool
  • Size: 5.4″ long x 0.39″ wide
  • Material: Metallic
  • Drive size: 4mm hex drive
  • Available in 4 varieties

The MetMo multi drive comes in four varieties.

  • Option 1: Hard anodized aluminum – aluminum with a black coating
  • Option 2: Stainless steel – glossy stainless steel without coating
  • Option 3: Hybrid (aluminum and steel) – has both stainless steel and aluminum
  • Option 4: Gold-plated – 24 carat gold-coating (Premium)

Each version is available individually but you can decide to unlock your creative potential with a discounted three-pack. IMO, this three-pack can be a clever gift idea for your nerd friends.

Standard Package

Irrespective of the version you choose, a standard MetMo Multi Drive kit will include:

  • MetMo Multi Drive Handle
  • 4mm Drive adapter
  • Blade mount
  • scribe
  • 4mm drive bits
  • Graphite leads refills
  • A file

Optional Add-ons

You also have the choice to include either a metal case or a leather pouch with your package. Either option allows you to conveniently and securely carry the entire kit in your pocket.

Storage options

Premium Leather Pouch (+$44): This sleek option offers a touch of sophistication while keeping your Multi Drive safe.

Slim Metal Case (+$82): This ultra-durable case provides maximum protection and multiple magnetic slots for 1/4″ hex bits.

Leather Pouch

Premium Leather Pouch

MetMo driver kit leather pouch

Price: +£35

Metal Case

Slim Metal Case

Price: +£65

I highly recommend getting one of these storage options if you want to unlock the full potential of the MetMo Multi Drive Kit!

Current Project Status

Going by the project timeline, the MetMo multi-drive project is currently in the Kickstarter stage. This means you can pre-order your favorite version and it will be fulfilled starting February 2025.

MetMo Multi Drive Project Timeline

Alternatively, you can back the project by donating as little as $2 to become a lifelong member of MetMo-Verse. This membership will give you exclusive access to whatever is happening in the MetMo world and some bragging rights.


The MetMo 7-in-1 Multi Drive is simply a game-changer for desktop projects. You can use it conveniently for all your small projects such as computer and electronics builds, finishing 3D print models, sketching, and more. It is the perfect replacement for those miniature tools you keep on the desk.

And because it resembles a pen, you can carry it anywhere in your pocket. Personally, I think I have found a new trusty companion. It will be handy for fastening a screw on my eyeglasses that keeps coming loose.

I only wish it had a pocket clip to keep it from falling off from the pocket. Hopefully, the guys at MetMo will consider my suggestion in the next iteration.

Otherwise, this MetMo multi tool a fantastic pocket tool. As an engineer, it makes me appreciate even more what precision engineering means. Not to mention, this tool is built to last, regardless of the version you choose.

Check out the Full Story on Kickstarter to learn more about the project.

MetMo 7 Demo

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