Best Tool Belt Suspenders Reviews in 2018

A tool belt is a convenient tool organizer for holding tools and keeping them within reach when working. However, when you put a lot of tools in it, you introduce a lot of weight around your waist area. As a result, you might begin to experience pain around the waist region and overall body fatigue. Sometimes the extra weight will get you pulling up your pants occasionally while you work. Tool belt suspenders come in handy at ensuring that weight from the tool belt is evenly distributed across the body. They also ensure that your pants remain up and your shirts down and not the other way round.

While there are tool belts that are integrated with the suspension system, most of them are not. As such, a technician may need to purchase the suspension rig separately. Unfortunately, selecting the best set of suspenders can be difficult, especially when the alternatives are almost similar. In order to assist you with the selection, we have done a detailed research and come up with the top 5 best tool belt suspenders to choose from. These units vary in cost and make and will give you comfort and take away the weight from your waist as well as relieve your backaches.

Top 5 Best Tool Belt Suspenders

Padded Tool Belt Suspenders w/ Phone Pocket, Chest Strap, Pencil Sleeve Framer Suspension RigOccidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Tool Belt Suspension SystemToughBuilt - Padded Suspenders - (TB-CT-51)Painting Tool's Harness / Holder / Suspenders / Belt Painting Tool's Harness / Holder / Suspenders / Belt - King's HarnessTradeGear Suspenders 207019 Heavy-Duty And Durable Adjustable Tool Belt Suspenders With Pro Comfort Padding Partnered with Gatorback Contractor Pro
Users' Ratings
  • The tool belt suspender has 4 links
  • Has breathable padded straps
  • The suspender straps can be adjusted to fit all wearer body type
  • Also has built-in Large Phone Case and Carpenter’s Pencil/Marker Pockets at the chest area.
  • The tool belt suspender has 4 links
  • Very comfortable design
  • One size fits many**
  • Leather straps are thick and heavy
  • Includes leather attachment loops
  • The tool belt suspender loops accommodate up to a 3" belt.
  • Has a non-removable black padded yoke
  • Has a D-ring steel loop at the center of the yoke to hang up the whole rig.
  • Has pockets for pencils and other clip-on tools
  • High quality, durable fabric
  • The tool belt suspenders are made of 4 links
  • Compatible with all ToughBuilt padded belts
  • Has durable construction
  • The straps are adjustable
  • It features two attachment points at the shoulders for extra ClipTech™ pouches
  • Has a loop at the neck area for hanging the suspension rig
  • Has several tool rings and 4 velcro straps for holding tools
  • Features a belt and a chest-level velcro strap for holding open paint bucket.
  • Straps have integrated velcro ends to hook to your belt
  • Adjustable velcro straps around the waist and at the chest area
  • Has a magnet on the left side of the chest to hold light metallic tools such as a paint brush
  • The tool belt suspenders have 4 links
  • Have nickle plated spring loaded locks
  • Has a leather crossover divider that is stitched for strength and high durability
  • The adjustable straps for range of height and sizes
  • Padded only at the shoulders
  • Made with heavy-duty high-density nylon
  • Shoulder pads have air channels to keep the body cool
  1. Fairly cheap
  2. Strong and durable yet light weight
  3. Fully adjustable and will work even for a 4XL guy
  4. Has an expandable phone pouch with a velcro cover
  5. Sturdy and well made
  6. Breathable padded straps are good for warm weather
  1. Even load distribution
  2. Exceptionally comfortable
  3. Takes the weight off your hips
  4. Worth every dime.
  5. Most durable suspension system
  6. Has warranty cover
  7. Includes 4 suspender loop attachments
  8. Compatible with occidental leather tool belts
  1. Compatible with 4-hooks Toughbuilt tool belt sets
  2. Provides two extra attachment points for ClipTech™ pouches
  1. Fits various body sizes and heights
  2. Offers extra hooks for holding more tools
  3. Has integrated attachment velcro loops
  4. Fairly priced
  5. One size fits all
  6. Ideal pair of painters tool belt suspenders
  7. Meets OSHA safety requirements
  1. Adjustable straps accommodate different body sizes.
  2. Air channel keep you cool even on hot days
  3. Heavy duty high-density nylon material makes it light and durable
  4. Works for all tradesmen
  5. Compatible with other tool belts
  1. Belt loop attachments not included
  1. A bit more pricey
  2. Can rub your neck slightly when working with arms overhead.
  3. They are a little too hot around the pad area on warm days
  4. Not suitable for a big and tall builder (over 6' 2'')
  1. Not suitable for builders taller than 6'
  1. Velcro attachment straps may come loose if the belt is overstretched for a long time
  1. Does include attachment loops
  2. Will constantly fall off your shoulders when you have a light load
  3. Shoulder pads need to be adjusted occasionally because they slide on the straps.
  4. Sometimes the hooks may unlatch
Color Black Brown leather straps and a black padded yoke Black Grey Black
Material 1680D Puncture Resistant Ballistic Nylon Leather suspenders and industrial nylon for the yoke Heavy duty 1250 DuraTek nylon Webbing Heavy-duty high-density nylon
Max Body Size 6'2'' Height and Not more than 52" chest size 6'2" Height 6' Height 6'4" 6'4''Height
Weight 1.15 pounds 2 pounds 4.15 pounds 1.65 pounds 0.95 pounds
Warranty N/A 2 Years 1 Year N/A N/A

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