Top 5 Waxed Canvas Work Aprons for Men and Women

Here are some heavy-duty waxed canvas work aprons that will protect you from injuries and keep your clothes dry.

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Tools and equipment are very useful for any project. They make work easier and enable you to accomplish tasks more effectively and efficiently. In other words, you can improve productivity and the overall quality of work with the right set of tools.

That said, operating tools and equipment can be unsafe at times. They can cause injuries or damage to your favorite clothes. This is why you should always wear some safety gear when working with tools. A work apron is one of the most important personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workshop or job site.

What Is a Work Apron?

A work apron is a safety garment worn on the front side to protect your clothing from dirt, oil, burns from sparks, scratches from abrasive tools, and other hazards. Heavy-duty aprons such as waxed canvas and leather work aprons also prevent injuries that may from abrasion by tools or the impact of flying debris. Moreover, waxed aprons have a thin layer of wax that makes them waterproof. This makes them some of the best heavy duty aprons.

Work aprons come in different shapes and sizes but a decent one should cover at least from your chest down to the knees. Some aprons also have pockets that let you keep handy tools within reach. If you already own a tool belt, you know how convenient it is to store essential hand tools on your body while working on projects.

Best Waxed Canvas Work Aprons

Now that you know the importance of wearing an apron, the next step is to find out which one is the best for you. To help you with that, we have picked out the 5 best waxed-canvas work aprons with pockets for you.

These work aprons are inexpensive, tough, and versatile. They provide safety and extra on-body tool storage. They are suitable for both men and women in various trades including woodworking, plumbing, carpentry, tailoring, welding, and even cooking. Waxed canvas work aprons are also waterproof, which is one of the reasons most people love them.

These are some of the best waxed canvas work aprons on the market.

Comparison table for 5 best waxed canvas work aprons

Hudson Durable Goods - Woodworker Edition - Waxed Canvas Apron (Brown)Angry Beaver Waxed Canvas Tool ApronGidabrand Waxed Canvas Shop Apron for Men & Women with Pocket & Cross-Back StrapsPremium Rhino Heavy Duty Waxed CanvasReadywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron
hudson work apron
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  • Made from water resistant 16 oz wax
  • Uses rivets to reinforce pressure points
  • Pockets are double-stitched
  • Has 2 big kangaroo pocket and a chest pockets
  • Includes a hammer loop
  • Permeated with less rigid wax
  • Pressure points riveted
  • Has 11 pockets
  • Includes 2 hammer loops
  • Comes with a bonus zippered too pouch
  • Major pressure points reinforced with rivets
  • Infused with 16 oz wax
  • Has dual hammer loops
  • Big tool pockets have dust flaps
  • Has grommets for routing straps
  • Made from 16oz wax
  • Stress points reinforced with metallic rivets
  • Has 3 deep kangaroo pockets and a chest pocket
  • Features 3 hammer loops
  • Strap holes have grommets
  • Has 20 oz wax coat
  • Straps have a plastic snap buckle
  • Provides 11 storage spaces
  • Includes 2 loops
Color Brown/Black/Grey Brown Brown Black/Brown Brown
Material 16 oz Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Utility Waxed Canvas 16 oz Waxed Canvas 16 oz Waxed Canvas Webbing
Bib Size (width x height) 27 inches x 34 inches 27 inches x 34 inches 27 inches x 33 inches 27 inches x 33 inches 27 inches x 34 inches
Suitable Body Fit Above 5'2'' height and upto 50 inches waist 6'2'' Height and Not more than 52" chest size Above 5'2'' height and upto 50 inches waist Above 5' 1" height and upto 50 inches waist Above 5' 1" height and upto 50 inches waist

Hudson Durable Goods Waxed Canvas Apron Review

hudson durable good apron

Build quality

Built with very high-quality 16 oz wax-infused canvas, the Hudson Heavy Duty shop apron is one of the best work aprons every handyman should own. You can tell it is built to last just by its look and feel.

All seams are double-stitched and reinforced with rivets at the pressure points to withstand heavy abuse. The holes through which the straps are attached or routed are fitted with grommets to keep them from yielding to the weight of the tools you choose to store.

The side grommets also allow you to easily and smoothly adjust the straps to the right size.

This apron is dedicated not only to keeping your nice clothes clean and intact but dry because of the 16 oz infused wax.

Weight distribution

Back pain and strain around the neck area are common problems with tool organizers that don’t distribute weight evenly across the body. This problem also occurs with some work aprons that have pockets for carrying tools.

Fortunately, the Hudson canvas apron is designed with the extra weight of tools in mind. It leverages the cross-back technology on the straps to ensure that the weight of tools is evenly distributed thus preventing neck strain.

Furthermore, the straps have sufficient padding for maximum comfort and have snap buckles for easy removal.

Tool storage pockets

The Hudson tool apron has 2 kangaroo pockets and 2 chest pockets. You can keep all the handy little and medium-sized tools in the kangaroo pockets while pencils, drill bits, and a smartphone fit very well in the chest pockets. The pockets are big and deep enough to accommodate your tools safely without falling off.

The apron also features two loops on the side for hanging equipment such as a hammer, tape measure, or power tools. The woodworking edition of the Hudson work aprons has dust flaps on the large pockets. These flaps prevent dust from collecting thus keeping your tools clean.

Apron Size

Another winner for the Hudson line of shop aprons is the versatile sizing. The full coverage bib from the upper chest to the knees measures 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall. It is large enough for use by people of different heights. However, this apron works well for handymen who are taller than 5’2″.

The tie straps are also long enough to accommodate up to 50 inches of waist. Although touted as a work apron for men, this workwear is suitable for universal use. It can be a very good gift for men, women, mothers, and fathers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hudson waxed canvas apron

  • Has deep pockets and a hook for tool storage.
  • Large pockets have flaps to prevent dust collection and protect tools.
  • The brown color hides sawdust and dirt and gives the work apron a rugged look.
  • The apron is unisex.
  • Available in various other different Hudson work apron designs.
  • Water resistance material and rugged.
  • Durable with all pressure points reinforced with brass grommets and rivets.
  • The plastic buckle is not very strong.
  • The chest pouch does not have a cover and might drop off your phone when you bend over.


The Hudson heavy duty work apron offers a professional layer of protection for woodworking enthusiasts, mechanics, blacksmiths, barbers, tattoo artists, and baristas. It is beautifully made, comfortable, durable, and rugged. It will give you a sleek and stylish look at work.

The dust flaps on the Hudson woodwoking apron prevent dust from collecting in the pockets. This makes the apron perfect for tradesmen who work in a workplace that has lots of debris such as woodworkers.

Angry Beaver Work Apron Review

angry beaver work apron

Build quality

The angry beaver apron is toughly built and has grommets for routing the straps. It also has rivets at pressure points for increased strength and durability. The seams at the bottom of the pouches are double-stitched for more strength.

However, the apron is infused with less rigid wax than most waxed aprons. This allows it to move with you easily as you work. It also makes the apron a very comfortable workwear.

With this apron, you can work without fear of splatter because it has a liquid-resistant property that will always shield you from getting wet from water and other liquids.

Weight distribution

Like the Hudson apron, the Angry Beaver shop apron is also designed to take off back pain and strain on your neck with the cross-back technology and the shoulder-padded straps. The straps slide smoothly through the grommets for easy adjustability to accommodate different body sizes.

However, the fastening cords on this apron don’t have snap plastic buckles. Instead, you have to tie a simple knot at the back to keep it in place.

Tool storage pockets

Angry beaver tool apron has 8 narrow but deep pockets that can accommodate a number of straight tools such as wrenches, pairs of pliers, multimeter, screwdrivers, a torch, and so on. It also has 3 slip pockets in the chest area that you can slide in pencils, pens, and a smartphone.

As if that’s not enough storage space, the Angry Beaver waxed canvas shop apron comes with a bonus zippered pouch that you can use to pack a few more tools such as small-sized spanners and Allen-key wrench sets that otherwise can be easily lost. In addition to pockets, the tool apron has two hammer loops on the sides that can be utilized to carry hammers or hook any other appropriate tool

Pros and cons of Angry Beaver Work Apron

  • Has numerous pockets to store more tools.
  • Water and liquid-resistant.
  • Great pocket distribution.
  • Sturdy and flexible.
  • Has two hammer loops
  • Pockets do not have dust-protection flaps
  • Not suitable for persons with a large frame.
  • Available in only one color.


The Angry Beaver workshop apron is a comfortable, professional, and rugged safety garment that provides numerous pockets for tool storage. It is a dependable, durable, unisex multifunctional helper for craftsmen, tradespeople, gardeners, artists, baristas, and generally, all men and women needing a tool vest.

However, this safety work wear works best as an electrician work apron because of the numerous pockets tailored to store electrician tools.

Otherwise, if you want a waxed canvas work apron that is just as big as the Hudson but with numerous pockets, the Angry Beaver apron is the best alternative.

Gidabrand Luxury Waxed Canvas Shop Apron Review

Gidabrand work apron with pockets

Quality of build

Made from heavy-duty 16oz wax-infused canvas, the Gidabrand Luxury shop apron is a solid, durable, water-resistant work accessory. It is generously sized 27″ width x 54″ Length to accommodate different body sizes.

The work apron has brass rivet and grommet reinforcements for increased strength and durability. The seams of the pockets are also double-stitched to withstand the weight exerted by tools.

Tool storage pockets

Gidabrand safety apron features very large front pockets with dust flaps to prevent sawdust and grit from collecting. This makes it an ideal choice for carpenters and woodworkers whose workplaces are filled with flying debris.

Moreover, the chest pocket is partitioned to host a pencil or a pen, a screwdriver, and a cell phone. The Gidabrand apron is very similar to the Hudson woodworking apron.

Weight distribution

Gidabrand work apron uses the smart cross-back technology to evenly distribute the extra weight of tools just like the Hudson and Angry Beaver aprons. This increases comfort and eliminates neck strain.

Furthermore, there are soft removable shoulder pads on the straps to increase comfort and protect your shoulders.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gidabrand work apron

  • Unisex and multipurpose work apron.
  • Keeps your clothes dry with its waterproof characteristic.
  • Has deep pockets to store a bunch of tools and keep them from falling.
  • The dust flaps prevent dust from collecting in the kangaroo pockets thus protecting your tools.
  • Dual hammer loops allow you to hang more than one type of hammer.
  • The cross-back strap design takes the weight from your neck.
  • Stylish
  • Few pocket partitions.
  • Straps tend to come off at the grommets when you remove the apron.
  • Does not have snap-on buckles for easy on and off.


It does not matter whether you are a machinist, carpenter, artist, barista, electrician, hobbyist, or any other tradesman, this gidabrand shop apron will stand up to any abuse. It is, however, a favorite apron for woodworkers and carpenters because of its dual hammer loops and flapped large front pockets that keep off wood dust.

Premium Rhino Waxed Canvas Work Apron Review

premium rhino work apron

Construction quality

Built with a lot of similarities to the Hudson and the Angry Beaver work aprons, the Premium Rhino apron is another high quality, heavy-duty waxed canvas shop apron. It is available in black or brown. However, the black one has stylish grey pockets on the front and in the chest area. Premium rhino work aprons are made from 16 ounces waxed canvas for toughness and longevity to keep your clothes cleaner for long.

All pressure points are reinforced with metallic rivets. The holes for routing straps, on the other hand, are fitted with grommets. This prevents the holes from widening or tearing and also allows you to adjust the straps more smoothly. Premium rhino aprons are also waterproof thus allowing you to work confidently without the fear of getting wet from splattering liquids.

Tool storage space

Premium rhino waxed canvas aprons have deep kangaroo pockets to accommodate a bunch of small and medium-size tools. It also has three small loops on the sides and a large one on the front. You can use the loops to suspend screwdrivers, pliers. Unfortunately, you cannot hang heavy tools such as a drill or mallet on the loops because the tools might knock your knees as you swing while moving around. This is one of the drawbacks of the apron.

How does the apron distribute weight

With increased space for storing tools comes extra weight. In order to ensure that the extra weight is distributed on your body evenly without causing strain to your neck, this Premium Rhino apron uses the cross-back straps.

The straps are cushioned at the shoulders for extra comfort. Once adjusted to the right fit, you tie a simple knot at the back that will be easy to untie when removing the apron.

Pros and cons of Premium Rhino Apron

  • Comes in 2 colors (black or brown).
  • Numerous reasonably sized pockets for storage and easy access to tools.
  • Quite comfortable and heavy-duty.
  • Fashionable and functional
  • No secure pocket for pencils
  • Does not include a snap-on buckle on the straps for easy on and off.
  • Tools suspended on the front loop might knock your knees while walking.


The Premium Rhino heavy duty work apron is designed to fit both men and women and is fully adjustable to accommodate different body heights (from 5’3″) and waists (up to 50″).

Despite the lack of a convenient loop for hanging a hammer, this tool apron is a great safety garment. It is high quality and has a practical design for a perfect garment for cooks, craftsmen, painters, electricians, woodworkers, barbers, butchers, tattoo artists, machinists, and more.

The Premium Rhino work apron is also a perfect professional and stylish workwear for baristos. It will protect your clothing from coffee spills while whipping cappuccinos!

Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron Review

readywares waxed canvas tool apron

Quality of construction

Unlike the other 4 work aprons which are infused with only 16oz of wax, the Readywears waxed canvas apron has 4 extra ounces of wax. This makes it very sturdy and guarantees that your clothes remain dry and protected from abrasives as well. The apron is brown in color, which gives it a real rugged look.

The downside of this tool apron is that the common pressure points are not double-stitched or reinforced with metallic rivets. The straps are also sewn permanently onto the bib canvas instead of being routed through grommets. However, the straps are adjustable to fit different body sizes and have a shatter buckle for easy wearing and removal of the apron. The shoulder straps are padded for more comfort and to prevent your neck from straining.

Pockets for tool storage

Readywares waxed canvas tool apron has 12 pockets on the front for you to as many light hand tools as possible. The pockets are of different sizes to host various small and medium sized tools .

Unfortunately, they don’t have flaps to prevent dust and debris collection. The work apron also has a chest pocket with three partitions for storing a mobile phone or notebook, a pencil, and a screwdriver.

Advantages and disadvantages of Readywares canvas work apron

  • Tough, durable, and waterproof.
  • Numerous pockets of different sizes to fit different tools.
  • Rugged stylish look.
  • Does not use grommets and rivets for reinforcement.
  • Its pockets are designed for small-sized tools.
  • The seams between pockets are not reinforced and might bust open when heavy tools are stored.
  • Available in brown color only.


If you fancy rugged yet professional looks, the Readywears waxed canvas tool apron is the real deal! It has plenty of pockets ranging from sizes 6″ x 6″ to 2″ x 6″ that will keep all your handy tools within reach. In addition, it has two hammer loops on the sides to hang more tools. Double-stitching or reinforcing the pressure points with rivets can improve the durability of this apron.

There you have it! Now quit ruining your clothes and save your wallet by spending your money on one of these heavy-duty waxed canvas tool aprons with pockets. It will withstand heavy abuse, give you a professional look at work, and provide storage for your handy tools.

Care tips for waxed canvas work aprons

Well, the main purpose of a work apron is to shield your clothes from dirt. However, you also need to keep the apron clean as well to maintain that professional look it gives you when you don it. Furthermore, keeping your shop apron clean can make it last a couple more years of hard use.

The following are useful apron care tips that will keep your waxed canvas apron looking as good as new for a longer time.

Dos and Don’t for Cleaning Waxed Aprons

Cleaning your work garment regularly not only removes dirt and stuck abrasive debris that can cause premature wear but also enhances the overall appearance. It also prevents dirt from building into deep irremovable stains. However, unlike ordinary work wears, waxed canvas aprons require specialized cleaning or they will lose their protective wax finish.
The following are the Dos and Don’ts for washing waxed canvas work garments:


  • Do NOT Clean with warm/hot water
  • DO NOT Soak or clean with detergents/solvents/bleach.
  • DO NOT Dry clean, machine dry or tumble dry.
  • Do NOT Scrub aggressively


  • Shake off or brush off sawdust, grit, and other debris gently
  • Wipe with a wet sponge
  • Soak and gently massage spots using cold water and castile soap.
  • Rinse out the soap thoroughly
  • Hand dry in a warm room for 24 hours.

How to rewax a waxed canvas apron

Depending on the frequency of use and how often you clean your waxed safety garment, you will need to rewax it at some point to maintain its quality. By so doing, you not only prolong its life but also rejuvenate the fabric color and restore the uniform look. Signs such as uneven shiny or dry areas or spots where water droplets no longer bead are good indicators that your apron needs rewaxing. Nevertheless, unless the entire wax finish has been destroyed, you only need to rewax the affected areas. Use the following procedure to apply wax refinish on your waxed canvas apron:

Refinishing/Rewaxing procedure

  1. Clean and dry the garment.
  2. Set down the apron on a flat work surface.
  3. Apply wax sparingly with a soft brush or lint-free cotton cloth (though it is hard to use cotton on wax and not get lint). You can use Otter Wax, Martexin Wax, or any other fabric wax.
  4. Spread the wax evenly for a uniform look
  5. Work it into the fabric in a circular motion
  6. Use a hairdryer to heat fabric and wax to facilitate a smooth and thorough application
  7. Avoid coating the surface too thickly or it will not be able to absorb it all.
  8. Apply more wax on seams and worn areas
  9. Heat lightly with a hairdryer or keep it in the sun to facilitate the absorption of wax into the canvas.
  10. Wipe off excess wax and hang the garment to dry in a warm, well-ventilated area.
  11. After 24 hours, wipe off any excess oil not absorbed
  12. Apply more wax to areas that still appear shiny or dry.

Warning: After you are done rewaxing, expect some waxy odor that will air out after a few days. However, if you find it very irritating and can’t wait for it to air out naturally, you can place the apron in a freezer overnight.


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