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Julius is a field engineer by day and blogger by night. Throughout his career, he has used or encountered many tools and learned that getting the right tools for the trade is the first step toward getting the job done right. That is why he talks about tools, tests them, and reviews them on this blog.

Silvel Buffer Polisher Unboxing

silvel buffer polisher kit unboxing
You can use the Silvel buffer polisher tool kit to wax, polish, and buff your cars, furniture, wooden floors, or ceramic surfaces. Find out more about this nifty tool in this article.

All You Need to Know About Dielectric Grease

all about dielectric grease

One of the biggest problems with electrical connections is corrosion. It occurs when the metallic parts of an electrical contact react with the surrounding air or moisture to form a compound. The compound is a poor conductor of electricity. So,…