Julius is a field engineer by day and blogger by night. Throughout his career, he has used or encountered many tools and learned that getting the right tools for the trade is the first step toward getting the job done right. That is why he talks about tools, tests them, and reviews them on this blog.

Track Saw vs Circular Saw, Which is Better?

track saw vs circular saw

Track saws and circular saws look very similar but they are quite different. However, not many people understand the difference between them and that’s why there is often a dilemma on which portable saw with a disc blade to choose.…

Best Wood Moisture Meter for Woodworking

best wood moisture meter

To get consistent results with wood, the moisture content must be reasonably low. If the wood is too wet, it will start to shrink when it dries up. And as wood shrinks, it may warp, twist, or develop cracks. In…