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All about how to use hand and power tools safely and effectively.

How to Prevent Tearout on Plywood

preventing tearout on plywood

Plywood is a type of sheet good made from piles of thin layers of wood veneer. These thin sheets of wood veneer are glued together such that the grains on one layer run perpendicular or diagonal to those of the…

Table Saw Parts and Functions

table saw parts labeled

A table saw, also known as a sawbench or bench saw is a power tool for producing high quality and accurate cuts. It is one of the most coveted wood cutting tools that any woodworker desires to have in his…

Impact Driver vs Drill Which is Better?

impact driver vs drill - which one to buy

A standard drill and impact driver are two different types of tools designed for different purposes. However, you can use both of them to generally perform the same tasks. This interchangeability of the two drivers is what creates confusion among…