5 Best Battery Terminal Cleaner Tools

best battery terminal cleaner tools

Inspecting battery terminals is another routine battery maintenance practice besides measuring specific gravity of battery acid and adding distilled water. It involves cleaning the battery terminals and posts to remove corrosion residues. You also check the integrity of electrical connections…

5 Best Track Saw Kits for Woodworking

best track saw system

Table saws and panel saws are great precision electric saws for cutting small and large workpieces. Unfortunately, moving them from one job site to another can be hectic. This is where a track saw comes in handy. A track saw…

5 Best Panel Saw Systems for Cutting Sheet Goods

best panel saws

A major cause of headache among cabinet installers is figuring out how to cut large sheet goods to size accurately and safely. While miter saws and table saws make precision cuts, they are not the safest when dealing with large…

5 Best 3/8 Digital Torque Wrench Kits

best digital torque wrench

A torque wrench is one of the most useful tools in the shop or garage. It is used to apply a precise preload on fasteners to avoid over-tightening or underloading. Precisely, a torque wrench is necessary where the torque value…

5 Best Compression Tester Kit for Gasoline Engines

compression tester kit

When you see symptoms such as engine misfire, loss of power, rough idle, or white smoke coming from the tailpipe of your car, you know it is time for serious engine diagnosis. The intensive diagnosis often narrows down to two…

5 Best Ice Scraper for Cars – 2020 Review

A car ice scraper is a special handheld tool designed to crush and remove ice and snow from the windows of a car. It helps keep the car windshield clear despite the frosty, snowy, and icy winter weather.

5 Best Feeler Gauge Sets – 2021 Review

best feeler gauges - hotop feeler gauge set

Too wide or too narrow gaps between objects or their parts can sometimes cause problems. This applies mostly to systems or subsystems that need precision measurement between them or their parts. A perfect example of such a system is a…

Top 6 Best 3/8 Cordless Ratchet Wrench Kits


Whether working on your car project, a construction project, woodwork, or any other handyman activity, the last thing you want is to waste your time and energy ratcheting nuts/bolts manually. I bet you can attest that tightening and removing fasteners…