Tool Tips

Is a Torque Wrench Really Necessary?

click adjustable torque wrench in garage

When you need to fasten a bolt or nut or any other fastener you can use a variety of tools including a spanner, ratchet, wrench or any other appropriate tool. The challenge with most of these fastening tools is the…

How to do Compression Test on a Gasoline Engine

When your car starts to misfire, has a rough idle, or does not have power, you know there is a problem and the engine might be the culprit. One of the tests you could do to ascertain that the problem…

6 Reasons Why Roof Raking is Necessary this Winter

When snow cover on your roof exceeds six inches, it can be catastrophic. However, roof raking can help to alleviate the danger. These are the six different reasons why heavy snow on your roof should not be ignored.

5 Must-Have Leaf Removal Tools for Fall Season


Fall, also known as autumn, is one of the four seasons of the year. It marks the transition from summer to winter. Among the many features and characteristics of the Fall season is the shedding of leaves by deciduous trees.…

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Car Battery

If your battery goes down quickly or goes flat every morning, chances are that it needs to be replaced. The following is a definitive guide to help you get the best battery replacement that will power all electrical loads in your car for longer periods even without running the engine.

5 Must-Have Winter Tools for Your Car this Winter

When snow is falling, keeping your car on the road can be difficult. As such, winter tools and accessories such as de-icer spray, snow sock for tires, antifreeze refractometer, battery hydrometer, and a snow shovel.