About Toolever

Hi there! Meet Julius, the author of Toolever blog posts. I am a field tech by day, a do-it-yourself guy by night, and a weekend warrior who is passionate about tools.

If you are hands-on like me, I bet you will agree that it is difficult to get the job done without using tools. More so, if you want your work to stand out, you must also have the right set of tools to complement your skillset. As such, I endeavor to bring you awesome content about various power tools and hand tools as well as information to help you use the tools more safely and effectively.

What I do

On this website, I review various hand and power tools and equipment to make it easier for you to select the best ones for your trade. I base my reviews on my personal experiences with the tools and other people’s experiences. How I get to know how people feel about the tools is by doing extensive research through reading comments on UGC forums for tools, talking to tool enthusiasts directly, and reading customer reviews on reputable online retail stores such as Amazon and Homedepot. I also like to watch objective tool review Vlogs on youtube such as the tool reviews on Project Farm Youtube Channel.

Besides reviews, I also share useful tips on how to use the tools to help you become more productive in your work. You will also learn important safety and maintenance tips for various tools to keep them in good condition and safe to use.

There is also a youtube channel for Toolever where I share video reviews of various tools. Please check it out and subscribe if you have not already.

How to reach me

If you have a question, concern, or collaboration request regarding hand and power tools and tool organizers, please reach me via the Contact form. I will be more than happy to respond to you!