Last updated on April 23rd, 2021

Hi there! This is Julius, a field tech by day and a DIYer by night who is passionate about tools. You can check out some of my electronic DIY stuff here. If you are a technician like me, I bet you will agree with me that it is difficult to deliver without using tools. More so, if you want your work to stand out, you must also have the right set of tools besides your skill set. As such, my team and I endeavor to bring you awesome content about various power tools and hand tools as well as information to help you use the tools more safely and effectively.

…..What we do

On this website, we review various tools and equipment to make it easier for you to select the best ones for your trade. We also offer tips on how to use the tools so that you can be productive. In addition, we also offer useful safety and maintenance tips for various tools that will help you be safe, and your tools last longer. We also answer any questions you might have about tools. So, don’t hesitate to hit us back on our contact page. We are always glad to help you!