Hey there! I am an field electrical engineer by day, a blogger by night, and DIYer on weekends. Throughout my career, I have used many tools and learned that getting the right tool for the job is the first step to getting the job done right. This is why I write about tools and tests/reviews them on this blog.

5 Best Battery Terminal Cleaner Tools

best battery terminal cleaner tools

Inspecting battery terminals is another routine battery maintenance practice besides measuring specific gravity of battery acid and adding distilled water. It involves cleaning the battery terminals and posts to remove corrosion residues. You also check the integrity of electrical connections…

How To Prevent Tearout On Plywood

preventing tearout on plywood

It is not always easy to cut plywood to size without it splintering. But if you try these simple tips, you can get nice clean cuts on ply with virtually any saw. Be it a circular saw, table saw, miter…

5 Most Effective Ways to Clean a Saw Blade

a dirty saw blade

When the saw blade in your electric saw starts to burn through workpieces or cut horribly, three things should cross your mind. Either the blade is dull, dirty, or you are feeding stock too fast. Also, wet lumber, especially hardwood,…