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How to use a Weed Wacker Properly – Quick Guide

how to use a string trimmer
Keeping the grass short and neat in your property depends as much on the quality of your string trimmer as on your skill to operate it. In this article, I show you how to use a weed wacker effectively for best results.

How To Fix a Stripped Screw Hole in Wood (6 Easy Methods)

How to fix a stripped screw hole in wood

Screws are some of the most widely used threaded fasteners for holding objects together. They are common in woodworking for attaching things and installing hinges. Unfortunately, although screws provide sturdy fastening, they come loose over time. This can be due…

How to Magnetize Screwdrivers – 3 Easy Methods

a magnetic screwdriver tip picking a screw

One of the most frustrating things about working with screws is being unable to set them on the screw holes. This happens mostly when installing very tiny screws that are hard to grasp or when installing screw fasteners in very…