5 Best Ice Scrapers for Car Window and Windshield

A nice ice scraper tool helps keep the car windshield clear despite the frosty, snowy, and icy winter weather. These are some of the best options.

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Winter is a very unforgiving season of the year. Temperatures drop below the freezing point as wet and dry snow covers virtually everywhere outside. Ice also forms on almost anything. The roads, on the other hand, get dangerously slippery causing vehicles to skid and result in accidents.

The nasty winter weather does not spare vehicles in the parking lot or driveway either. Snowfall buries the wheels of parked vehicles while thick ice and frost form on side windows and windscreens. This makes keeping a car on the road during winter quite difficult. Hence, you need at least these two important winter tools: a snow blower for clearing snow from the driveway and an ice scraper for scraping ice from car windows.

In this article, I focus on some of the best ice scrapers on the market. But first, what is an ice scraper tool?

What Is An Ice Scraper?

what is an ice scraper

A car ice scraper is a special tool designed to crush and scrape ice from the windows of a car. It helps keep the windows clear despite the frosty and icy winter weather. A good scraper for ice makes light the task of removing frost and ice from car windows such that you will not need to destroy your credit card or break your favorite album CD trying to improvise ice scraping tools.

In this article, we review the five best scraper tools for ice that we have sampled from our extensive research. These tools have been tested and will do a great job of scraping at your car windows and windshield. They make driving during the notoriously snowy, frosty, and icy winters very easy and safe. Particularly, if you live in the Midwest or Northeast or in the Mountains, you will find one of these ice scrapers very handy and useful.

5 Best Ice Scrapers for Vehicles

Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper and Snowbrush

hopkins subzero ice scraper and snow brush review

Subzero 532 is a 26 inches long ice scraper with snow broom is a product of Hopkins Manufacturing designed primarily for small cars and SUVs. The snow brush is 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide with 4 rows of flagged soft bristles.

The opposite side is a 4 inches thick ice scraper with tough ice chippers on one side. The ice chippers are for breaking clear ice while the scraper blade does the job of scraping ice off car windows.

The subzero snow brush on the other end removes dry snow effectively without scratching the paint on the car. The handle is covered with contoured foam to give you a firm warm and comfortable grip. This lets you remove snow and ice without freezing your hands.

One major design flaw is that the snow scraper end is angled from north to south relative to the snow broom. This may cause the ice scraper to scratch paint or catch your wrist while using the snowbrush. Luckily, this design problem can be fixed by twisting the end of the snow removal brush. You, however, have to apply a lot of force to spin the brush but you have to be careful not to cause damage. Alternatively, you can have someone else hold the brush tightly while you carefully spin the ice scraper side.


Bottom line, the 26 inches Hopkins subzero ice scraper with snow broom is a very compact and useful tool for removing light snow and ice from car windshields. If you orient the ice blade in the east-west direction relative to the snow broom, you can make the tool more effective.

This subzero snow and ice tool is durable and inexpensive and more so made in America. It is a great winter tool and a perfect way to prepare for the unforgiving winter weather. The tool also makes a good gift idea for winter.

RevHeads Ice and Snow Scraper Review

RevHeads ice scraping tool

The RevHeads small ice scraper is designed to crush ice and scrape frost. This ice tool does not have a snow broom but clears ice off the windshield and car windows so fast you won’t believe it. The scraper head has two sides; the flat scraper side for scraping ice and frost and the claw side for breaking hard ice.

The RevHeads ice tool has a short, fixed plastic handle that is covered with foam to give you a soft cushy feel. The cushion grip provides a firm and warm grip to allow you to clear as much snow as possible without freezing your hands. When it is too cold though, you can wear ice scraper mitts to feel warmer.


Although it lacks a snow broom, the RevHeads car window ice scraper is designed to face the harshest cold weather climates. It is the best car ice remover. This ice removal tool is sturdy and meticulously designed to evenly remove frost and ice chunks from windshield and windows of cars and small SUVs.

Unfortunately, you may have to buy a snowbrush separately to brush off snow from the rest of the body because the scraper can scratch paint. Otherwise, RevHeads is a great value for money especially if you live in the Midwest, Mountains, and North East. Your car will thank you!

AstroAI Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper Review

AtroAI snow brush with detachable ice scraper

Measuring just 27 inches long, AstroAI snow brush and ice scraping tool is built to keep ice and snow from your car and small truck. The small handheld ice tool features a snow brush on one side and an ice scraper on the other. The snow brush measures 7 inches and has 4 rows of soft PVC bristles that sweep off snow from car roofs very easily. Furthermore, the brush has a handle that gives you better leverage when scraping off ice and also lets you apply more force when clearing snow from an overhead position.

The ice blade, on the other hand, measures 4.5 inches wide. It is a little bit curved for better scraping and has sturdy knuckles on one side to break thick layers of ice. More importantly, the ice scraper is detachable, and it splits right at the neck of the snow sweeper. In other words, the EVA cotton grip handle is permanently attached to the frost scraper. This makes the AstroAI more effective at removing ice from windshield and car windows. The only downside of this tool is that it has a relatively small form factor which makes it less effective at removing snow and ice from large SUVs.


The AstroAI is a nice handheld ice scraper with a removable snow brush for cars and small SUVs. It is inexpensive and cut through frost like butter. With this winter tool, you will never have to worry about being late for work because your windshield is frozen. It will clear snow and ice on your vehicle in minutes to make it ready for you to drive.

BirdRock Extendable Auto Ice Scraper and Snow Brush Review

BirdRock Extendable Auto Ice Scraper and Snow Brush Review

Unlike the other conventional ice scrapers that have fixed ice scraper and snowbroom, the BirdRock ice tool has a snowbroom that swivels 270 degrees. This means that you can change the orientation of the brush from vertical to horizontal. This allows you to sweep snow off the car from any position. The bristles on the brush are soft on your car paint and tough on snow. The handle is sturdy and can be extended to 6 different lengths thus making it easy to remove snow on cars as well as large SUVs.

The ice scraping blade, on the other hand, is made with durable plastic and has jaws on one side for breaking hard ice. The handle on this tool is well cushioned and ridged for a comfortable and warm grip. Much as the Birdrock has very unique features, it also has some unique challenges. One of them is the finicky adjusting button for unlocking the head. You need to be very careful with this button because it can easily come off if mishandled. The swivel hinge can also be easily damaged when the snow brush is pushed against heavy snow.


Having known the pros and cons of the birdrock ice and snow removal tool for cars, you now know if it meets your needs. More specifically, if you have an SUV vehicle and live in a place that does not receive very heavy snow, then the Birdrock is a tool you might want to consider. Its 35 – 50 inches telescoping handle also accommodates people of different heights making it the best ice scraping tool for short and tall people.

26 inch Mallory Ice Remover with Snow Brush

26 inch Mallory ice and snow scraper review

Mallory 533 is a 26 inches long ice scraper designed to remove snow and ice on small cars and suv. It has a snow brush on one side and a plastic ice scraper on the other. The Mallory brush has flagged bristles that are soft on the car surface but tough on dry snow. Similarly, the sturdy ice blade removes ice from windshield and car windows with so much ease.

This 26inch Mallory snow and ice scraping tool has a contoured foam grip that gives you a firm grip and at the same keeps your hand warm while you scrape ice and remove snow. Unfortunately, the foam grip slips around the handle and can be quite uncomfortable. You have to grip it tightly to stop the movement or apply some adhesive


If you are a stickler for American products, then the Mallory 533 SnoWisp Deluxe ice scraper with brush is a great choice. It is made in the United States and is good for removing snow and scraping off ice on small cars and SUVs.

This tool is durable and effective but has some downsides. The first shortcoming is that the bristles on the snow brush are too soft and can easily get matted in wet snow. This makes the brush only effective on dry snow. Furthermore, the bristles easily collapse with minimal force, again making the tool ineffective on a thick mass of snow. The second shortcoming is that the ice scraper is positioned in the same plane as the snowbrush. This may cause the edge of the scraper to scratch the paint on your car as you brush off the snow.

Nonetheless, the Mallory ice scraper is a great snow and ice scraper for small cars and is available in different sizes and colors.