5 Best 3/8 Digital Torque Wrench Kits

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A torque wrench is one of the most useful tools in the shop. It is used to apply a precise preload on fasteners to avoid over-tightening or underloading. Precisely, torque wrenches are must-have where torque values are specified. If you are an auto mechanic or a professional electrician, you know how valuable a torque wrench is to your work. It helps you torque down nuts and bolts of different car parts and wire lugs in electrical installations to the specified torque values for safety and inspection purposes. There are many other reasons why a torque wrench is necessary and I have discussed most of them in an earlier article. Personally, I cannot imagine assembling an engine or installing cable lugs on the terminals of my microgrid’s battery bank without my digital torque wrench.

Types of torque wrenches

There are different types of torque wrenches. You can categorize them by the size of their drives or mode of operation. You can also classify them as either digital or manual. The click adjustable torque wrench is the most common manual precision wrench. It is still a favorite among many auto mechanics because of its ruggedness and price. Unfortunately, digital torque wrenches are now beginning to rule many shops because of their ease of use, accuracy, and increased functionality.

The click adjustable torque wrench uses a spring mechanism to achieve precise torque. It produces a click sound when you reach the target torque. The downside, however, is that you need to back down or reset the tool to zero after every use. Otherwise, the spring mechanism might degrade prematurely and affects the tool’s accuracy. In contrast, a digital torque wrench uses electronics and does not require resetting after every use. It is also easier to use and read values from it. Electronic torque wrenches have additional functionalities such as easy conversion between multiple units of measure and torque recording. Such features make them the right tools for boosting productivity in the workshop. In this article, I will share with you our 5 best 3/8 drive digital torque wrench kits for light and medium-duty applications.

Milwaukee 3/8 Digital Torque Wrench with Motor3/8" Gearwrench Digital Torque WrenchKobalt Digital Torque Wrench 3/8 Drive3/8 inch Summit Tools Digital Torque WrenchACDelco 3/8" Digital Angle Torque Wrench
Milwaukee 3/8 digital torque wrench
kobalt 3/8 digital torque wrench
summit tools 3/8 digital torque wrench
3/8 AC Delco digital torque wrench with angle feature
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  • Features a motor
  • Has a large LCD display
  • Shows 4 different measuring units
  • One-key enabled
  • Saves torque data
  • Torque data can be downloaded via One-Key
  • Connects to phone through bluetooth
  • Powered by Milwaukee M12 lithium ion battery
  • Records number of cycles used.
  • Has 5 torque measurement units
  • Features a small lcd display and 6 input buttons
  • The handle has oil-resistant rubber overlay
  • Features three alert mechanisms
  • Has a single red LED
  • Provides auditory and visual feedback
  • Allows you preset torque values
  • Features a red and green LED
  • LCD is big enough to read from a distance
  • Saves readings
  • Measures angle
  • Operates in two modes
  • measures the torque angle
  • Has 4 programmable units of measurement
  • Features an easy to read LCD display and 4 input buttons
  • Flexible 3/8 drive head
  • Includes a socket set and a screw driver set
  • Features a simple LCD backlight display
  • Has to operation modes: peak and track modes
  • uses 2 AAA batteries
  • Includes a torque angle feature
  • Ratchet head has 72 teeth
  • 3/8 drive is a quick release type
  1. You only need to turn once
  2. Motor takes away fatigue
  3. Can be used as a cordless ratchet
  4. Saves torque data
  5. Tool can be tracked with one-key
  6. LCD display is very clear even in the dark
  7. LED flashlight makes too; useful in dark work spaces
  1. Accurate for torque settings above 20ft-lbs
  2. Provides a good firm grip
  3. Fairly cheap
  4. Small swing arc makes tool useful in very tight spaces
  5. Battery is inexpensive
  1. Accurate for torques above 20 ft-lbs
  2. Keeps readings and preset torque
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Battery is inexpensive
  1. Package includes a socket set
  2. Has the most accuracy
  3. Flexible ratchet head allows access to tight spaces
  4. Ergonomically designed
  1. Has three alert types
  2. Easy to preset torque values
  3. Easy to change sockets
  4. Easy to change measuring units
  1. Fairly expensive
  2. Quite heavy and bulky
  3. Does not measure torque angle
  1. Does not measure angle
  2. Does not include batteries
  1. Difficult to open the battery cap
  2. Handle is a little bulky
  1. LCD may not be well lit in the dark.
  2. Batteries not included
  1. Takes quite long to boot up
Measuring range 10 - 100 ft-lbs 8 - 100 ft-lbs 5 - 100 ft-lbs 5 - 99.5 ft-lbs 5 - 99.5 ft-lbs
Accuracy rating ±2% CW and ±3% CCW ±2% CW and ±3% CCW ±3% ±1% CW and ±2% CCW ±2% CW and ±3% CCW
Alert Types Audio, visual Audio, visual, vibration Audio, visual Audio, visual Audio, visual, vibration
Units of measure N-m,in-lbs,ft-lbs,kg-cm N-m, ft-lbs,kg-m,kg-cm ft-lb, N-m, in-lb, kg-cm kg-cm, N-m, in-lb. ft-lb N-m, ft-lbs, in-lbs,kg-cm
Torque angle No No Yes Yes Yes
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Milwaukee Digital Torque Wrench Review

Appearing first during the Milwaukee Tools NPS19 expo, the Milwaukee digital torque wrench is the first electric torque wrench with a motor. Unlike other torque wrenches, the Milwaukee M12 Fuel torque wrench is a combination of a digital torque wrench and a cordless ratchet. It drives fasteners with the motor until the target torque is almost reached. Afterward, you can hand tighten with just one turn to the exact torque value. For other torque wrenches that do not have a motor, you have to turn a couple of times until you achieve the desired torque.

Torque range

The M12 fuel digital torque wrench measures between 10ft-lbs and 100ft-lbs with a tolerance of up to 3% from 20% of the full range torque. The tool has memory to record torque measurements. Furthermore, it allows you to set up to 15 torque targets for your different applications. So, you do not have to set torque when jumping from one application to another. This is important for improving productivity at the shop or garage.

Feedback types

Milwaukee M12 fuel torque wrench feedback

The Milwaukee motorized torque wrench has multiple feedback types to alert you when you reach or exceed target torque. When you approach target torque, a section of the LEDs light green, and an intermittent beeping sound is generated. Once you reach the target torque, the whole LED strip lights green, theme color of the LCD display screen changes to green, and the handle vibrates. The tool also beeps once. All this time, the readout torque value is displayed on the screen. When torque exceeds the allowable limits, the LED strip lights red. The LCD display theme also changes to red and notifies you that the torque is out of range. A discontinuous tone rings incessantly until you back down the torque.

After you have set your fastener, the tool gives you an option to record the torque value by pressing the save button. You can save as much data as you like and you can data via Milwaukee’s ONE KEY. This data is particularly useful for inspection purposes. The ability to record torque data and download it via the One-Key app is what makes Milwaukee M12 digital torque wrench the best electric torque wrench for electricians. They can use it to record the torque applied to each cable lug and present it for inspection.

Milwaukee digital torque wrench extra features

The 3/8 M12 Fuel torque wrench has outstanding extra features such as an LED light, ONE-KEY connectivity, and a motor. The LED light is useful for lighting dark work areas while the one-key feature makes it possible to download torque records from the tool with your phone. It also makes it easy to track the tool when you lose or misplace it. The ability to save and download torquing data is very good for inspection purposes. The tool is very important for electricians and auto mechanics even though Milwaukee blatantly sys that this 3/8 electric torque wrench is primarily designed for electricians. It also takes fatigue from your arm so that you can get more work done. Milwaukee M12 fuel torque wrench also reduces job site injuries by reducing the number of times you have to tension by hand.

Milwaukee 3/8 digital torque wrench drawbacks

Although it is the best digital torque wrench, Milwaukee M12 Fuel has a couple of drawbacks. The first drawback is the price. Compared to other electric torque wrenches, the Milwaukee costs a king’s ransom. Its price is almost double that of the closest competition. The second drawback is the speed of the motor. The motor has a maximum of 100 RPM which is very slow for putting lug nuts on. You cannot get the performance of a cordless ratchet from it. The third drawback is the lack of angle measurement feature. The Milwaukee m12 torque wrench does not measure torque angle. So, you will need an angle gauge to measure torque angle when installing torque-to-yield fasteners such as the head bolts.

Gearwrench Digital Torque Wrench Review

The Gearwrench 3/8 digital torque wrench is built with durable material including an oil-resistant plastic handle. The handle has a rubber overlay for a better and more comfortable grip when using it. The ratchet head on this 3/8 gearwrench electronic torque wrench has a 72-teeth so that you get a 5 degree swing arc. The tool comes packaged in a nice protective hard plastic carry case.

Gearwrench 3/8 digital torque wrench range

The gearwrench 3/8 digital torque wrench 85076 has a torque range of between 8 ft-lbs to 100 ft-lbs and an accuracy of 2% clockwise and 3% counterclockwise. The accuracy window, however, is from 20 ft-lbs to the full capacity. This means that you can use this tool effectively on fasteners that require a torque above 20ft-lbs and not more than 100 ft-lbs. Furthermore, the torque wrench offers a resolution of 0.01 to increase its accuracy. You can set five different units of measure anywhere from inch-pounds, foot-pounds, newton-meters kilogram-force-meters, as well as kilogram-force-meters, depending on your application. Moreover, your choice of unit of measure will be saved in memory until you change it. Similarly, your target torque remains even after shutting down the tool until you explicitly change it. All these electronic functions are made possible by a pair of AA batteries that do not ship with the tool.

Target torque alert types

The gearwrench digital torque wrench 3/8 makes accurate tightening of fasteners extremely easy with the multiple types of target torque alerts. It has visual, audio, and vibration alert types that go off at different times. A red LED starts to flash when you get closer to your torque setting. The tool also produces an intermittent beeping sound. As you get closer to 100% of your torque setting, the LED blinks faster and the beeping frequency increases. When you hit your target torque, you get a constant vibration on the handle, a solid red light, and a solid beep. During this process, the LCD display also shows the torque as it increases from zero to the final torque setting.

What makes gearwrench electronic torque wrench outstanding is the fact that you decide when the target torque alerts should go off. You set at what percentage of the target torque the beeping and flashing alerts should start. This helps you customize your tool for each application and reduce the chances of over-torquing fasteners.

Gearwrench digital torque wrench drawbacks

The gearwrench 3/8 digital torque wrench has a couple of discouraging drawbacks. The first one is the lack of angle measurement. This means you cannot use the tool as a torque-to-yield torque wrench. Secondly, the tool does not have a memory to save torque settings for different applications. This means that you have to set the target torque for each application. You will also lose the recent torque setting when you cycle power on the tool. Third, the LCD display screen is simple and not as well lit as the Milwaukee one. Furthermore, the gearwrench electric torque wrench boots up quite slowly, taking up to 3 seconds before it is ready to crank fasteners.

GearWrench 3/8 electric torque wrench video review

This is a full video review of 85076 Gearwrench 3/8 inch drive digital torque wrench. It is a good choice for electricians and mechanics for installing fasteners without exceeding torque. Its price is also good for your pocket.

3/8 Drive Kobalt Digital Torque Wrench Review

The Kobalt 3/8 digital torque wrench is a great precision tool with very good features that make it a nice addition to your garage. It ships in a black molded-plastic storage case and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The kobalt electronic torque wrench is sturdily built stainless steel and a plastic handle covered with rubber overlay for a comfortable grip. The tool has a torque range of between 5 ft-lbs and 100 ft-lbs with an accuracy of 3% in both directions. The accuracy, however, applies to torque values between 20% and 100% of the tool’s capacity. This means that you can reliably use the kobalt digital torque wrench to fasten nuts and bolts whose torque specs fall between 20ft-lbs and 100 ft-lbs. This is ideal for engine assembly, cable lugs installation, motorcycle repairs, and installation of tires on many small cars.

The two most outstanding features of the kobalt torque wrench digital tool are the torque angle measurement and the ability to set and save up to nine torque target values in the tool’s memory. These features increase the tool’s versatility and improve productivity.

Feedback types

The 3/8 inch drive kobalt digital torque wrench has more than one type of feedback to alert you when you approach or hit the target torque. The tools has 2 LEDs; one green and the other one red. When you approach your torque setting, the green LEDs flashes. The tool also produces an intermittent audible alert. When you get to 100% of your torque setting with an accuracy of 3%, you get solid red and green lights from both LEDs and a continuous buzzer sound. The kobalt digital precision wrench, however, lacks the vibration feedback on the handle. So, if you fancy haptic feedback, this might not be the tool for you.

Operation modes

The kobalt electronic torque wrench has three operation modes from which to choose using the 5-button keypad. The modes of operation include peak mode, angle mode, or track mode. In peak mode, the torque wrench keeps the maximum torque of the last application. This mode also allows you to record torque values to the tools memory until the memory is full.

The angle mode is kobalt digital torque wrench’s unique feature. In this mode, you can set the angle from 0-360 degrees at increments of 1. However, when setting the angle, the tool must be in a stable horizontal orientation. This ensures that you get the most accurate angle setting. The tool guarantees a ±3% accuracy for torque angle measurements. Torque angles are important when installing torque to yield bolts such as when installing cylinder head bolts, clutch assembly, and flywheel assembly.

The track mode is the simplest mode of operation of the kobalt electronic torque wrench. In this mode, torque results are lost on every application. So, you cannot retrieve them after completing the task. You only see the real-time value on the LCD screen as you torque down fasteners.

Kobalt 3/8 digital torque wrench drawbacks

One of the drawbacks of the kobalt digital torque wrench 3/8 inch drive is the lack of the vibration alert. Sometimes when working in a noisy workshop it can be difficult to hear the buzzer and in tight spaces, the visual alerts may not be visible. That’s when a vibration alert comes in handy.

Another downside of the kobalt is the difficulty to remove batteries. The battery cap is quite tight and in most cases won’t come off easily. This can sometimes be very frustrating especially when you want to change batteries quickly so that you can get on with torquing fasteners. Other than that, the kobalt digital torque wrench is a great addition to your tools arsenal!

Kobalt 3/8 Digital Torque Wrench Review Video

This is a detailed review of the kobalt digital torque wrench with angle. This tool measures torque between 5 ft-lbs and 100 ft-lbs and the torque angle of torque-to-yield fasteners.

Summit Tools Digital Torque Wrench Review

The summit tools 3/8 inch digital torque wrench is another great addition to your high precision toolset. It is well designed, easy to use, and poised to keep nuts and bolts torqued to specification.

Measuring range

The summit tools 3/8 ultraprecision digital torque wrench has a measuring range of 5 ft-lbs to 99.5 ft-lbs and almost perfect accuracy of ±1% in the clockwise direction. The accuracy in the anticlockwise direction falls within ±2% of the target torque. However, like the other torque wrenches, the accuracy rating only applies to torque values of between 20% and 100% of the tool capacity. This means that the tool is only useful for torque settings of above 19.9 ft-lbs.

Torque alert types

Torque alerts are as important to a torque wrench as the tool itself. In addition to an LCD readout, the 3/8 drive summit tools digital torque wrench has two more feedback types. It has a visual alert an audible tone. The visual alert system is made up of two strips of flashing LEDs. The LEDs light green when you achieve the target torque and red when you overload fasteners. A buzzer notification also goes off when you overtighten or under tighten nuts and bolts. This tool does not have a vibration alert.

More features

The summit tools electronic torque wrench with 3/8 ratchet drive has a couple of outstanding bonus features. One of them is the flexible head that can swivel 15 degrees, making the tool ideal for tight spaces. You can use it on steering system racks that are often so hidden. Another feature is the two operation modes (follow mode and peak mode). The peak mode allows you to save torque values for future retrieval. Lastly, this tool ships with a high-quality socket set of sizes 5/16 inch, 9/32 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch. It also comes with a protective case for easy and safe storage of the electric torque wrench set.

3/8 inch Acdelco Digital Torque Wrench Review

The Ac Delco digital torque wrench with angle is a great addition to your shop tools. It has some great features including angle measurement and very useful peak operation mode. It also has a quick-release 3/8″ head that allows for quick installation and removal of sockets. The tool has a warranty cover of 1 year and comes with a calibration certificate that is traceable from N.I.S.T.

Torque measurement range

The measuring range of the ac delco 3/8 electronic torque wrench is 5 – 99.5 ft-lbs. It offers a tolerance of ±2% in the forward direction and ±3% in the opposite direction. Like the other torque wrenches, this accuracy is guaranteed for torque values between 20% of full scale to 100%. The torque range for this tool is ideal for applications such as chassis assembly, engine assembly, installation of head bolts and other torque-to-yield fasteners, and tightening lug nuts and other parts in small cars.

Torque alert types

The Ac delco 3/8″ digital angle torque wrench has three types of torque notifications. It has a buzzer for an audible warning and 2 LEDs (green and red) for the visual alert. The handle also vibrates when you reach the torque setting. The alerts begin when you reach 90% of your target torque but they change the intensity as you approach the exact value. They help you avoid under torquing or overloading fasteners. The LCD display also displays torque as it builds up so that you know when to start slowing down.

Operation modes

Ac delco electrical torque wrench has peak and trace operation mode settings. It also has the angle mode for measuring the torque angle. The peak setting allows you to save torque values to the tools memory for future reference. Unfortunately, memory is limited to only 30 sets. Like the other digital torque wrenches, you can choose to display torque values in more than one unit of measure just by the touch of a button. No need to carry a calculator for conversion between different measurement units. This tool is powered by 2 AA batteries that must be bought separately.


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