New Digital Milwaukee Torque Wrench with Motor – 2019 Release

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Last updated on April 20th, 2020 at 04:26 pm

A digital torque wrench is a household name among tool enthusiasts today. To most of us, it simply means a torque wrench with digital display for showing torque. Other features include a menu and a few buttons for scrolling the menu and setting torque values. Everything else about the tool is manual. However, Milwaukee Tools decided to redefine what an electronic torque wrench means. In the #NPS19, they rolled out the first 3/8 digital torque wrench with a motor fastening nuts and bolts automatically. The wrench features a large display unit and a keypad for selecting torque and tweaking settings.

The company released two versions of the new Milwaukee Digital Torque Wrench with One Key; an M12 and M18. The two units are similar in how they operate except that their torque ratings and build profiles are different. The M12 is rated at 10 – 100 ft-lbs and has a small profile while the M18 is rated at 10 – 150 ft-lbs. However, they both feature a 3/8 inch drive for driving fasteners.

Interesting Torque Alert Features

The 3/8 digital torque wrenches have some fancy alert features to favor any handyman. More specifically, they have audio, visual, and vibration alerts to let you know when the right torque is reached and when it is exceeded. The unit has an LED strip that lights Red to indicate that torque has been exceeded and Green to indicate that the nut or bolt has been fastened to spec. The theme of the display unit also turns red when torque is exceeded and green otherwise as shown in the pictures below

New M18 Milwaukee Torque Wrench Alert for Exceeding Torque
New M18 Digital Torque Wrench Alert for Torquing to Spec

Extraordinary Feature of the New Milwaukee Digital Torque Wrench

The most extraordinary thing about these new M12 and M18 milwaukee digital torque spanner is that you don’t have to manually ratchet the fasteners. They have an inbuilt motor lets you operate them as if they were a 3/8 inch cordless ratchet. This feature makes light and less fatiguing the work of tightening bolts and nuts to specification. Coupled with other properties, this unique motor feature is a good enough reason to check out these digital torque spanners. The tools will hit the market in November 2019.


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