Top 5 Best Hole Saw Kit for Wood and Metal – 2019 Review

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Sometimes an electrician, plumber, carpenter, DIYer or hobbyist encounters somes tasks that need making neat circular holes through material for rounded fittings. For example, an electrician may want to drill a hole into a junction box, a carpenter may need to drill through a wooden door to install a door lock or a plumber may have to drill a hole through a stainless steel sink to install a faucet. All these tasks need very neat circular holes that can only be easily made with the right set of bi metal hole saw kit.

A typical hole saw set has several circular hole cutters of different standard sizes that allow you to drill holes of different sizes into material. This article is a comprehensive review of the top 5 best hole saws for wood, metal, and plastic that have over 10 pieces of blades.

Comparison Table for 5 Best Hole Saw Sets

Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit 28 Piece 49-22-4185Lenox Hole Saw Kit Big Daddy 26-piece SetDEWALT D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw KitBosch Hole Saw 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit Tacklife Hole Saw Kit PHS01C 16 pieces 3/4’’-5’’ Full Set
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  • Includes 22 hole saws ranging from 3/4-inch to 4-3/4-inch
  • The hole saws have a positive rake cutting edge to improve efficiency.
  • Hole saws are ice hardened to improve their lifespan by 50%.
  • Hole saws have matrix II Bi-Metal Teeth
  • Uses standard 1/2 chuck drill
  • Works with other drills
  • Includes 20 commonly used bi-metal hole saws
  • Also includes 3 pilot drill bits and 3 1/2" shank snap-back arbors made of hardened carbon steel.
  • Hole saws have optimized teeth design to easy penetration to metallic surface
  • Teeth are large and sharp for faster drilling
  • The bi-metal hole saw blades have thicker walls to minimize tooth loss and improve durability
  • The blades are constructed with T3 technology for long life
  • Includes 11 deep-cut hole saws
  • Contains two mandrels (one for small hole saws and for large hole saws)
  • Hole saws have hardened backing plates to prevent warping and thread stripping
  • The teeth have double tooth design for strength and durability
  • Features a compact injection molded carrying case
  • Also includes replacement parts, including two valuable Pilot Point centering bits
  • Includes 11 bi-metallic hole saws
  • Adds to the package 4 small adapters and 7 large adapters
  • The threadless design to prevent seizing up in the mandrel
  • Has a positive lock design to minimize wobble
  • Progressor tooth design for faster cuts
  • Reinforced shoulder for added strength and longer life
  • Compact injection molded hole saw kit carrying case
  • Universal hole saw system that can use standard or quick change arbors.
  • Includes 12 carbon-steel hole saws
  • Also inculdes 2 mandrels, one hex-key, and install plate, and a package box
  • Suitable for drilling holes in wood, PVC board, Plastic Plate and Thin Alloys.
  1. The set contains all standard hole saw sizes below 4-3/4" a technician would need.
  2. Works with drills from other manufacturers.
  3. Rated to last 50% longer than the competition
  4. The built-in gullets on the hole saws make removing jammed debris easy
  5. Easy plug removal because of the all-access design
  6. Quick change mandrels make it easy to change hole saw blades
  7. Easy plug removal and hole saw change increase productivity by reducing downtime
  1. The hole saw blades are deep for making deep holes
  2. Quick change arbors for easy installation and removal of hole saws
  3. Hole saws feature a speed slot that has a stair case design that enables quick removal of debris
  4. Bi-Metal Construction for longer life
  5. Can drill up to 2 inches deep holes
  1. You dont need any tool to connect hole saw to mandrel.
  2. The tool teeth double design increases strenght and durability of the hole saws.
  3. The carrying case is compact, sleek, and sturdy and nothing jiggles inside
  4. Thick and deep for boring deep holes into wood and metal sheets
  5. Saws are marked with inches as well as mm
  6. Hole saw sizes are listed on the top of the hole saw kit box
  7. Fairly priced
  1. Has a heavy duty hex shank that snaps easily into mandrel
  2. The steel hole saw pilot bit is designed for high speed operation.
  3. The mandrel allows you to change any type or size of hole saw in seconds.
  4. 1
  5. The positive lock design prevents wobble
  6. The PCM38 mandrel offers easy plug removal and fits all major brands
  7. Hole saws are compatible with other brands
  8. Exceptionally affordable
  1. Carbon steel material increases durability
  2. The black paint on the hole saws makes them look neat even after paint scratches off
  3. Drills up to 5 inches wide holes
  4. Fairly priced
  1. Does not cut metal as fast as wood
  2. Impossible to nest small cutters inside larger holesaws
  3. Wears quite fast on steel.
  1. The white paint scratches off making the hole saws look ugly
  2. Nesting not possible
  1. You cannot nest one hole saw inside another to enlarge an already cut hole
  2. Holesaws are not labeled
  3. Yello paint on the threaded portion of hole saws makes it difficult to thread them onto the mandrel
  1. The steel pilot drill is not as effective on metal as it is on wood.
  2. A lot of strain when trying to get through wood
  3. You cannot nest one hole saw inside another to enlarge an already cut hole
  4. Pilot bits appear short on the deep saws
  5. White paint scratches off after some heavy usage.
  6. Won't cut through steel metal sheets thicker than 1/4 inches
  1. The hole saws are quite shallow because they only cut upto 25mm deep.
  2. You cannot nest one hole saw inside another to enlarge an already cut hole
  3. Carrying case lacks a handle
No. of Pieces 28 26 14 25 16
Parts Included
  1. 22 different sizes of hole saw blades
  2. 3 arbors
  3. 3 pilot drills
  4. Molded plastic carrying case
  1. 20 PC hole saw blades
  2. 2 snap-back arbors (small and large)
  3. 3 PC drill bits
  4. Molded plastic carrying case
  1. 11 different sizes hole saw blades
  2. 2 tool-free quick change mandrels (DW1803 and DW1810)
  3. 1 replacement set (2 set screws, 2 pilot bits, and 1 hex key)
  4. Molded plastic carrying case
  1. 11 Hole saw blades (4 are bimetallic)
  2. 4 small adapters
  3. 7 large adapters
  4. 2 steel Pilot bits
  5. 1 Quick change mandrel with a 3/8 inch shank
  6. Molded plastic carrying case
  1. 12 PC hole saw blades
  2. 2 PC mandrels
  3. 1 PC installation plate
  4. 1 PC Hex Key
  5. Molded plastic carrying case
Hole Saw Sizes 3/4 in, 7/8 in, 1 in, 1-1/8 in, 1-1/4 in, 1-3/8 in, 1-1/2 in, 1-3/4 in, 2 in, 2-1/8 in, 2-1/4 in, 2-1/2 in, 2-5/8 in, 3 in, 3-1/4 in, 3-3/8 in, 3-5/8 in, 3-3/4 in, 4-1/8 in, 4-1/4 in, 4-1/2 in, 4-3/4-in 3/4 In., 7/8 In., 1 In., 1-1/8 In., 1-3/8 In., 1-1/2 In., 1-3/4 In., 2 In., 2-1/8 In., 2-1/4 In. 2-1/2 In., 2-11/16 In., 3In., 3-1/4 In., 3-3/8In., 3-5/8 In., 3-3/4 In., 4-1/8 In., 4-1/2 In.,4-3/4 In. 3/4 In., 7/8 In., 1In., 1-1/8 In., 1-3/8 In., 1-1/2 In., 1-3/4 In., 2In., 2-1/8 In., 2-1/4 In., 2-1/2 3/4 In., 7/8 In., 1 In., 1-1/8 In., 1-3/8 In., 1-1/2 In., 1-3/4 In., 2 In., 2-1/8 In., 2-1/2 In., 3 In.; 3/4 In., 7/8 In., 1-1/8 In., 1-1/4 In., 1-1/2 In., 1-3/4 In., 2 In., 2-1/2 In.,3In., 3-1/2In., 4 In., 5In.
Package Dimensions 16.5 x 9 x 4.5 inches 8 x 12 x 4 inches 3 x 9.8 x 7.3 inches 5 x 8.6 x 9.7 inches 7.7 x 6 x 1.5 inches
Weight 14.4 pounds 7.74 pounds 4.9 pounds 6.4 pounds 2.2 pounds
Country of Manufacture United States United States United States Germany
Warranty Limited Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty 90 Days Warranty 3-Year Limited 24-Months Warranty
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Detailed Review of Best Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit Review – 49-22-4185 28 Piece

At the top of the list is the Milwaukee 49-22-4185 28-Piece All Purpose Professional Hole Dozer Ice Hardened Hole Saw Kit. It includes a staggering 22 ice hardened bi-metal hole saw blades nicely packed in a compact plastic carrying case together with other accessories. The hole saws feature the latest and strongest tooth form in the industry known as the RIP GUARD™. They also have a Limited Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty. However, that does not mean that the teeth are weakly designed. As a matter of fact, each tooth is built with more steel along with 8% cobalt behind the cutting edge for added strength. This guarantees increased productivity on the worksite, as well as continued hole quality. The hole saw blades can cut holes as small as 3/4 inch and as large as 4-3/4 inch in width.
One of the most time-wasting activities when using holes saws is removing stuck plugs, especially when cutting through sheets of wood. On average, a minute is wasted trying to remove a stuck woodcut.

To reduce this downtime and increase productivity the Milwaukee hole saw blades feature an all-access slot design that allows full access during plug removal. As a result, plugs are removed easily and faster by applying leverage at multiple points hence saving time and increasing overall jobsite productivity. Lastly, the Milwaukee hole saw kit includes 3 quick change arbors with 1/2″ shanks for the different hole saw sizes.

Milwaukee hole dozer is a great hole saw kit for metal and wood. It can be used to drill fairly deep holes of multiple standard sizes. With this set of hole saws, you can get any standard hole size you want between 3/4″ and 4-3/4 inches. You also dont have to worry about breaking a tooth because Milwaukee has an unmatched hole saw teeth lifetime cover. Generally, Milwaukee hole saw kit is a productivity general purpose accessory that will get you through wood, metal, and plastic with ease. It is rated to last 50% longer than the competitor and is an ideal set for any technician.

Lenox Hole Saw Kit Review – The Big Daddy Set

Packed in a nice little molded-plastic blue and white carrying case, the LENOX Tools Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit delivers among others 20 pieces of commonly used bi-metallic hole saws. The sizes span between 3/4 inches and 4-3/4 inches. The hole saws are uniquely designed with a speed slot for easy removal of plug. More precisely, the speed slot on each saw has a copyrighted staircase design that allows you to easily pry out stuck wood plugs with an ordinary flat-blade screwdriver.

All the saws have large sharp teeth that are optimized to cut more efficiently and last for many cuts. They are also constructed with a thicker wall for increased strength and durability. As far as cutting speed is concerned, the hole saws brag the T3 technology in their construction which makes them cut through metal more easily while guaranteeing a life that is twice as long as the previous generations. Three snap-back arbors (1L,2L, & 6L) with 1/2″ shank and three pilot drills are also included in the assortment.

Although a bit more expensive than the competition in this review, the lenox hole saw kit is a nice addition to an electrician’s, plumber’s or carpenter’s tool stock. The bi-metal hole saws are strongly built to cut through metal and wood with ease. The staircase design of the speed slot makes it easier to convert an unproductive hole saw to an unplugged one in seconds, therefore, minimizing downtime. The ability of the Lenox T3 technology hole saws to cut holes in heavy gauge steel electrical junction boxes makes it an ideal metal hole saw kit and more specifically a must have electrician hole saw kit. If you are willing to spend more for quality then choose Lenox!

Dewalt Hole Saw Kit Review – D180005 14 Piece Master

Primarily designed to drill holes into wood, plastic, and thin metal sheet, the DeWalt hole saw kit packs 11 holes saws of different sizes among other accessories. With this hole saw set you can drill holes as small as 3/4″ and as large as 3 inches. The assortment also includes 2 tool-free mandrels that accommodate the different sizes of hole saws. The first four smaller sizes hole saws fit onto the small mandrel by simply screwing them on. The other larger sizes use the mandrel that has two injector buttons. Both mandrels have hex shanks of different sizes. The shank of the larger mandrel is 7/16 inches in size while that of the smaller arbor is 3/8″ inches

The two injector buttons or prongs on the larger mandrel keep the hole saws in place for more secure operation. In order to install a hole saw, you first need to pull back the mandrel, attach the hole saw, then snap the injector buttons into the two holes on the hole saw to lock it. All these accessories are packed nicely in a fantastic molded-plastic carrying case that keeps it compact on your workbench.

If you are an electrician or a plumber by trade looking for a budget hole saw kit that has all the convenient sizes for your tasks, the Dewalt D180005 14 Piece Master kit is a perfect choice for you. It is an ideal door lock hole saw kit that can be used to cut lock holes onto your new solid wooden door with ease. Unfortunately, this kit is not strong enough for heavy duty application on thick metal sheets but can be used by plumbers to bore holes on plastic.

Bosch Hole Saw Set Review – HB25M Bi-Metal 25-Piece

Albeit quite bulky, the Bosch 25-Piece Master Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit HB25M contains so many items, among them the 11 different sizes of hole saw blades. The sizes of the hole cutters span from 3/4 inches to 3 inches. Unlike other ordinary hole saws that burn their way into wood producing loads of smoke, the Bosch HB25M holesaws are made from 8% cobalt alloy that makes them heat-resistant thus resulting in less or no smoke during operation. The alternating sizes of the teeth, otherwise referred to as the progressor tooth design, allows the saws to cut a lot faster with more precision. The large teeth are optimized for fast clean cuts in thick materials while the short ones are optimized for thin materials.

Also contained in the kit are 4 small adapters and washers, 7 larger adapters, a quick change mandrel, and 2 pilot bits. The adapters are installed onto hole saws so that you can use them with the quick change arbor. One beautiful thing about Bosch’s hole saws design is that the saws can be used with standard arbors from other brands.All you need to do is to remove the adapter and install the hole saw directly onto the standard mandrel and you are good to go. The mandrel too can be used with other standard circular hole cutters, provided you use the bosch adapters.

If your work involves occasionally cutting standard size circular holes into wood and thin metal sheets, the Bosch HB25M Hole Saw kit is the set for you. It is budget friendly and ideal for less intense applications such as installing shower doors or stainless steel piping. The design of the hole saws is optimized for getting through thick and thin materials with ease. The hole saws have a universal design allow you to use them with other standard mandrels from other manufacturers. However, the pilot bits might stand short when used with the deep throat saws.

Tacklife Hole Saw Kit Review – PHS01C 16 Pieces Full Set with Mandrels

Characterized by its shallow hole saws, the Tacklife hole saw kit contains a total of 12 commonly used hole cutter blades. Their sizes range from 3/4 inches to 5 inches in width. The hole saws are made of heat treated carbon steel that makes them resistant to impact and wear. They are black in color, which makes them look neat even after the paint scratches off after some use.

The tacklife holesaws are made from hardened high carbon steel. These circular blades are meant to be used on soft wood, plywood, fiberglass thin PVC boards, and plastic. They are, however, not suitable for cutting through metal sheets, hard wood, or particle boards.

The tacklife kit includes other components such as an installation plate for the large blades, two different sized mandrels with replaceable pilot bits, and a hex key wrench for removing and tightening the mandrel bits. All the compoments are packed conveniently in a hard plastic package box that unfortunately does not have a handle.

The Tacklife hole saw set is suitable for cutting relatively shallow holes of not more than 25mm deep and up to 5 inches wide. It can be used for drilling wood, PVC board, plastic plate and very thin alloys. However, it is not suitable for hard material such as density board, aluminum, stone and computer tables. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt the most affordable and ideal hole saw kit for plumbers who are looking for a budget drilling set. It is also a great starter kit for hobbyists.

    How to Assemble a Hole Saw Kit – 6 Easy Steps

  1. Select the appropriate size of the hole saw.

    Choose the round hole cutter that is appropriate for the size of the hole you intend to make.

  2. Pick a mandrel.

    Select the mandrel that properly fits the size of the hole saw. Normally, there are different mandrels for different ranges of hole saw sizes.

  3. For threaded mandrel, screw the circular hole cutter tightly on it.

    If the hole saw mandrel is threaded, just screw the circular hole cutter on it using the following procedure.

      How to tighten a hole saw onto a threaded mandrel


    1. Take two open-end wrenches: one the size of the arbor shaft and another one that can hold tight the hole saw on its flat grooves at the bottom.
    2. While holding the wrenches firmly, turn then in opposing directions to tighten the hole saw onto the mandrel. Ensure it is tight enough so that it does not come loose when drilling.
  4. For quick quick change mandrel, just lock the hole saw into place

    It is super easy to install a hole saw on a quick swap mandrel. You just need to sit the hole saw onto the mandrel through the drive pin holes and lock it in place.

  5. Insert the assembled hole saw kit onto the drill chuck of you favorite drill driver.

    Pick a drill of your choice and install the mandrel of the hole saw onto the drill and tighten.

  6. Ready to use!You are now ready to start drilling nifty circular holes with your hole cutter!
  7. Repeat the procedure if you want to change the hole saw and/or mandrel

How to Use a Hole Saw

Time needed: 2 minutes.

After the assembly of the hole saw kit, the next step is to use it to drill holes. While most handymen know how to use a hole saw, a good number does not or rather does not know how to use it effectively and safely. The following is a procedure for using a hole saw.
Warning: Ensure that you wear protective clothes, glasses, and heavy-duty pair of gloves before you begin to drill holes.

  1. Identify where you want to drill

    The first step is to identify where you want to make a hole. You can mark the center with a pencil.

  2. Drill a pilot hole

    Fit the drill bit to your drill and make a pilot hole into the mark you just made in the previous step.

  3. Install the hole saw and mandrel

    Fit the hole saw and mandrel assembly into the drill. Ensure that the pilot bit sticks out further than the hole saw itself.

  4. Position the drill

    Direct the drill perpendicularly onto the material you want to drill through.

  5. Begin to drill

    Start to operate the drill. The pilot bit will guide the drill.

  6. Flip the material

    If you are working on a thick sheet of wood, just drill about halfway through and flip it over. The pilot hole will give you a perfect index to finish the cut.
    Tip: Drilling from both sides gives you a clean cut that does not have any tear out.

  7. Avoid twisting your wrist when operating the drill

    Hole saws larger than 3″ tend to grab when you start to cut in. That pull may cause strain or even twist on your wrist. For such cases, use a drill that has a handle on it so that you can have both the drill and the handle against your body to keep it from twisting.


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