Silvel Buffer Polisher Unboxing

You can use the Silvel buffer polisher tool kit to wax, polish, and buff your cars, furniture, wooden floors, or ceramic surfaces. Find out more about this nifty tool in this article.

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After applying paint on your car or boat, the next step should be to polish and buff the surface to bring out a glossy finish. You do not need a magician to work the magic on the new paint but rather a good polisher buffer tool kit.

A buffer polisher kit helps polish and buff the surface. It uses an abrasive disc or belt to polish the surface and a cloth wheel with compound to buff it out. Both polishing and buffing are important finishing processes even for removing surface scratches on old paint. So, you do not need to wait until the next paint job to polish or buff your car or boat. You can do it any time to remove light scratches on the surface or to restore lost gloss due to weathering. One of the tools you can consider for polishing and buffing is the corded Silvel buffer polisher.

The Silvel buffer polisher might not be your typical brand but the work it puts up a good show against known brands.

Key Features of Silvel Buffer Polisher Too Kit

Powerful motor (1600 watts)

The Silvel polisher features a powerful 1600W brushed motor inside the shell. The motor is so powerful that you can use it with appropriate sanding discs to also sand down wood and metal surfaces. You can also use it to polish furniture and glass or wax wooden floors.

Because brushed motors are prone to heating, the unit has large vents on the head and sides to allow air to circulate to dissipate heat effectively. Moreover, the copper windings on the motor are more tolerant to heat, allowing you to operate the machine longer without burning it.

As with any brushed motor, you need to regularly replace the carbon brushes that transmit electric current to the rotating part of the motor. While this may not be a walk in the park for many brushed tools, you are just one screw away on the Silvel machine. There is a small compartment on the side where the carbon brushes are housed. You only need to remove one screw to access the brushes. On many brushed polisher buffers, you may have to take apart the entire casing to access the brushes.

Lastly, the motor puts out constant power and speed to ensure uniformity on your buffing or polishing work.

Speed control

When working with power tools, it is just as important to be able to control the motor speed as it is to have a powerful motor. To bring this argument closer home, the control you have on a machine when buffing or polishing is just as important as the quality of discs you use to do the job. This is where speed control comes in.

The Silvel polisher buffer machine offers 7 speed adjustment positions. You can use the speed dial to adjust the speeds between 500 rpm to 3300 rpm. This gives you better control of the tool, allowing you to adjust the motor speed for each application.

Extra Attachments and Accessories

The Silvel orbital buffer polisher tool kit comes with many different attachments to get you started on your first job. The attachments and accessories include the two handles (D-handle and side handle), fine and rough foam discs, replacement carbon brushes, wool pads, and loop backing plates.

Buffing and polishing discs

Silvel polishing and buffing pads
Foam discs

The Silvel polisher machine comes with 6 different foam discs or sponge wheels of different textures. Some are fine and others are rough. You can use them to wax different surfaces including metal, ceramic, wood, and glass. Each foam disc measures 6 inches in diameter and fits nicely onto the 6-inch backing plate.

Wool pads

The kit includes two 7-inch wool pads that are suitable for polishing and heavy compounding. You can use them at the beginning of the polishing job to remove wax or cut into the finish. Alternatively, you can apply a compound onto the wool wheels to use them as buffing pads for restoring surface gloss and eliminating swirls.

Hook and loop backing plates

The Silvel polisher kit comes with two sizes of hook and loop backing plates: a 6-inch and a 7-inch plate. Backing plates are the solid discs that provide support to your waxing or polisher pads.

The pads attach to plates and the plates attach to the machine. Without them, it would not be possible to use the polisher wheels and pads. The 6-inch hook and loop backing plate fits the foam disks while the 7-inch plate fits the wool pads. You can also fit aftermarket pads to the backing plates depending on the nature of your project or personal preference.


The Silvel corded buffing kit comes with two sturdy handles; a D-shaped handle and side handle. The D-shaped handle goes over the head while the side handle goes on the side. I find the side handle useful when working in a tight space while the D-handle is the most comfortable when space is not a problem. The handles fit well except that the D-handle needs a bit of stretching apart to align it with the screw holes

Carbon brushes

Brushed motors rely on carbon brushes to transfer current to the rotating part of motor assembly. Because the brushes are stationary and keep brushing on the rotor, they wear out after some time and need replacement. For that reason, the Silvel polishing and buffing kit comes with a pair of replacement carbon brushes. You can use them to replace the stock ones when they wear out. The brushes are generic and therefore easy to get new ones from the market.

Overall, if you like to polish your car and keep it shiny, I would recommend Silvel buffer polisher kit as a good starting point. It is powerful, versatile, easy to control, and comes with a pack of accessories for your first project. The kit is also priced fairly.

Where to get Silvel Buffer Polisher Kit

If you want the Silvel polisher buffer for buffing, polishing, or waxing projects, you can get it from Amazon via the link below.

The kit comes in a nice zippered packing bag branded Silvel. The package includes all the accessories I have discussed above, a user operation manual, and a hex wrench for changing out discs.


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