Goxawee Rotary Tool Kit G4007 – Best Off Brand Dremel Set?

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Sometimes when buying tools, it is just good to break the yoke of brand names and instead look for value.

The Goxawee corded rotary tool kit is a value pack at such a deal that is hard to pass. At half the price of the Dremel 3000, you get a powerful tool with several attachments and accessories than you would probably need.

The Goxawee G4007 electric rotary tool kit comes with 140 accessories and attachments, nicely stowed in a little plastic box. Together with the tool, the box of accessories fits nicely inside a hard plastic carry case.

Why Do You Need a Rotary Tool?

You need a rotary tool if you are a professional crafter or enthusiast who makes intricate carvings and engravings on materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and glass. The tool is more like a miniature regular drill with a fast-spinning motor that puts out high speed and low torque.

With the right attachment or accessory, you can use it for sanding, engraving, polishing, cutting, and grinding soft and hard materials. I like to use mine with a grinding wheel to sharpen kitchen knives.

A rotary tool kit comes with an assortment of accessories and attachments for carrying out various tasks including grinding, cutting, honing, and polishing. You can use it to carve out patterns in wood or to polish jewelry.

Rorary hand tools are also fun to have for carving pumpkins for Halloween. You can use them to make those intricate spooky patterns on pumpkins that you cannot make with regular power tools or hand tools.

Why do you need the Goxawee Rotary Tool?

goxawee rotary tool kit

The Goxawee rotary tool kit is an inexpensive off-brand rotary tool offering the performance of the Dremel and other famous brands. It comes with a variety of attachments and accessories that are well organized inside the hard plastic carry case.

If you are looking for an affordable rotary tool kit for your craft or to gift a DIY craft enthusiast, the electric Goxawee kit is a great option. It has all the extras needed for most projects and the tool puts out a decent amount of power.

Goxawee Rotary Tool Features

Powerful Motor

The Goxawee has a powerful, brushed motor that can deliver up to 30,000 RPMs from 8,000. You can use the speed control button to adjust the speed 5 steps up to the maximum RPM and vice versa. The variable speed rocker switch gives you the control you need on the tool when working on various pieces. However, the lowest speed is not that slow and can be hard to control for projects that need more precision.

Nonetheless, the motor puts out a decent torque to get you going on many projects. You can drill, cut, and grind without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, the motor heats up when you work it hard. So, you may want to take a 5-minute break to let it cool down when the heat starts to build up. This may help to extend the life of the motor.


The ability to control the speed of the motor makes the Goxawee rotary tool very versatile and useful for different applications. You can adjust the speed to make precision engravings on various materials including wood, glass, metal, plastics, tiles among others. The kit also comes with as many cutting discs as possible for working on targets of different materials.

The 1.5 feet long flexible shaft adds to the versatility of the tool. It holds like a pen for precise projects and allows you to reach in tight spaces where only an extension can work. The extension works fine but you should always try to keep the shaft as straight as possible to keep vibration and rubbing to a minimum. This helps to keep heat from building up.

Multiple accessories

Unlike many rotary tool kits that only have a few or no accessories, the Goxawee packs 140 accessories and attachments. These are enough to keep you busy for a year.

goxawee rotary tool attachments and accessories
Goxawee rotary tool accessories (Source: Amazon)

Great Price

The Goxawee rotary tool is such a bargain. At half the price of the Dremel, you get a mini grinder and so many accessories and attachments for your projects. Well, I am not saying it is up to the standards of the Dremel brand but it is hard to beat it for the price. The tool does all the same jobs the Dremel does.

The kit comes with two storage boxes; a small partitioned box for the accessories, and a larger carry case for the entire kit.

Disadvantages of the Goxawee Rotary tool

A significant downside of the Goxawee electric rotary tool is the high minimum speed. Literally, the tool starts from moderate speed to high speed. There is no low speed. In other words, the 8,000 minimum RPM feels a little bit too high for some applications. It can be a handful when you need precision in making very delicate carvings and patterns.

Another downside of the kit concerns the shaft. Although it is very convenient and handy, the flex shaft gets heated up quite fast during use and can be hard to hold especially when you use it continuously for more than 20 minutes. Therefore, you may need to take a break after every 20 minutes of constant use. Otherwise, the shaft may melt in your hands. Therefore you should put on some thicker gloves to protect your hand from the heat. Also, keeping the extension straight minimizes the rubbing of the internal shaft with the external cover, which helps reduce friction that causes heating.

Lastly, the fact that the tool is corded limits its use where there is no wall outlet. This is generally a disadvantage of corded tools compared to cordless ones. Check out my corded vs cordless tools article to learn more about the pros and cons of corded and cordless power tools.

Video: Goxawee Rotary Tool Kit (G4007) Review

In this video, I review the Goxawee rotary tool kit for DIY craft and carvings. If you are looking for a cheap Dremel tool for your small projects, this kit can be an excellent choice.


Overall, the Goxawee corded electric rotary tool kit is a very good off-brand tool for handcrafting needs. It cuts and grinds as a Dremel, and the wand attachment comes in very handy! The tool is not perfect, but it is hard to beat for the money. It is the best bang for the buck rotary toolset and a perfect gift idea for DIY enthusiasts!


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