Top 10 Best Tool Backpack Reviews – Lighted and Non-Lighted

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Electricians, plumbers, framers, carpenters, blacksmiths—this list goes on—all have one thing in common. The tools they wield at the job are just as important to their identity as their skills. In this regard, a good tool backpack can offer an easy and reliable way to carry essential hand tools to and from the worksite.

Besides providing a convenient solution for holding tools while you work or travel, a backpack also keeps your tools safe. Some tool backpacks even have useful anti-theft features such as locks to secure the tools. Others are made of waterproof material to protect your tools from soaking when it rains.

Some bags have fancy features such as an integrated phone charger and/or a lighting feature to light the inside of the bag as well as your work area. These add-on features boost your productivity and keep you on the job longer even when it gets dark.

There are tool backpacks for all trades. Some are designed for specific professions while others are multipurpose.

Below is our list of the 10 best tool backpacks, lighted and non-lighted, for all trades. We have carefully selected them based on important factors such as durability, add-on features, storage capacity, number of compartments, comfort, and price. Some are multipurpose while others are suitable for specific trades.

5 Best Lighted Tool Backpacks Reviews

Dewalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag

DGL523 dewalt lighted tool backpack


Dewalt DGL523 tool bag is hands down the best lighted tool backpack for handymen in any trade.

It has the most compartments that you will find on any tool backpack on the market today and is multipurpose. Whether you are a field technician like me or any other tradesman, this tool bag has a pocket for most if not all of your tools.

Dewalt DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag

I use it to carry my set of screwdrivers, combo wrenches, socket wrenches, multimeters, wirecutters, strippers, a bunch of spanners, a cordless drill, and an assortment of other tools and still get enough space to tuck my laptop, phone, and some other personal items.

Most importantly, I have had this heavy-duty tech pack for a couple of years now and it seems to hold up well except for the zipping mechanism that jams sometimes.


The DLG323 Dewalt backpack is a 57-pockets tool bag. 48 pockets inside and 9 on the outside.

This large number of pockets allows you to keep each tool in its place. The internal pockets and compartments are well-sized to hold tools of different sizes and shapes such as drills, wrench sets, extension cords, and testers.

The outside pockets, on the other hand, are spacious and very well organized so that you can grab tools easily and effectively. The front pocket is large and fitted with a full zipper for easy access to handy tools.

The bag has full zippers all around that open to a wide mouth so that you can easily arrange and retrieve tools.

Lighting feature

DGL523 Dewalt tool bag has a wonderful LED lighting system that is also flexible so that you can direct light inside the pack and at a specific work area. You only need to swivel it up or down depending on where you want to illuminate.

The LED light has three levels of illumination for you to set thereby giving you full control. You can adjust it to illuminate a wide or close-up area. For the nerds, the maximum output of the light is 29 lumens and is powered by 2 AAA size batteries.


When it comes to comfort, this multipurpose tool backpack from DeWalt has comfy padding on the back, shoulder strap, and webbed carrying handles.

All these padded parts provide extra comfort especially when the bag is filled with heavy luggage. Furthermore, the shoulder straps are adjustable to ensure the bag sits comfortably on your back.


  • Very spacious with numerous pockets
  • Sturdy construction with high-quality material
  • Lighted design with a powerful LED lighting system
  • Three levels of light output to allow illumination control
  • Versatile layout for most trades
  • Competitively priced


  • None-waterproof bottom
  • Available in one color only
  • No charger
  • Zipper and strap buckles are delicate


In addition to the numerous pockets, the special feature of the Dewalt lighted backpack is the lighting system with a swivel mechanism. It is ideal if you work in a poorly illuminated worksite or if your work extends into the night.

You can also adjust the LED light to shine on tools in the outer compartment as well as the interior of the main compartment. This makes it a perfect tool backpack for electricians working in both lit and poorly lit areas.

Unfortunately, this DeWalt tool bag does not have a charging feature. Its material is also not waterproof, making this bag unsuitable for plumbers or for use on a rainy day.

Video review of the Dewalt 57 – pocket lighted tool backpack made by CLC

Custom Leathercraft ECP135 E-Charge USB Charging Tool Backpack

Bag construction

The CLC 23 pocket backpack tool bag is another magnificent tool organizer for carrying tools hands-free to and from the job site. It has a beautiful design with a rugged construction to withstand abuse on the worksite while maintaining a classy look.

This tool backpack provides a lot of features including a lighting system and a couple of charging ports for your mobile devices. It also includes multiple pockets for different tools, though not as many as that of the Dewalt DGL523 backpack.

The CLC ECP135 has padded and adjustable shoulder straps for increased comfort on your back and shoulders. It is also fitted with webbed carrying handles for easy transportation with hands. The bottom is fitted with base pad feet to protect the bag from abrasion and dirt.


This CLC lighted tool organizer has 23 pockets. 20 pockets on the inside and 3 on the outside. Three of the pockets inside the bag a located on the wall of the main compartment and are designed to hold devices such as a notebook laptop, tablet, and phone.

The rest of the pockets are for holding different types of tools. They are vertically designed to allow easy access to tools. Additionally, there are multiple panels on the inside for electricians to organize tools, and accessories such as testers, screwdrivers, and drill bits should be organized.

CLC bag lighting system

The main difference between the CLC backpack and the Dewalt is the lighting feature. This bag does not have a lighting feature but offers a 10000mAh power bank with two USB charging ports.

The power bank is strategically located inside the bag to make charging the mobile devices inside the internal wall pockets easy. With this tool organizer, you can keep your devices charged even when working in remote areas. You can also connect a USB light to light the bag or your work area.

The charging system allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. Although a lighting device is not included in this pack, you can use the power bank to power an add-on USB work light torch. A micro USB cable and an AC wall adapter for charging the power bank are also included in the package.


  • Well-partitioned for a relatively small backpack
  • Sturdy design and rugged
  • Device charger
  • Has comfort enhancement features


  • Relatively small in size and capacity
  • Available in only one color


Despite the fact that this CLC tool backpack is non-lighted, it has many interesting features that cannot be ignored. From up to 23 pockets to a reliable charging system and a range of comfort-enhancement features. These elements make this bag an awesome choice, especially if you’re looking for a compact backpack to transport your tools.

The backpack has enough pockets for all your spanners, screwdrivers, and pliers to the worksite. It is perfect for carpenters and electricians,

DeWalt DGC530 USB Charging Tool Back Pack (23 Pocket)


Dewalt DGC530 Construction

Dewalt DGC530 backpack is more comparable to the CLC ECP135 E-Charge tool bag than any other on our list. Despite their different sizes, these two bags have many common features including the same number of pockets.

Moreover, the DeWalt is designed and constructed properly to protect your back, shoulders, and hands from stress when carrying heavy loads. The bag is padded on contact areas to make it comfortable to carry. Furthermore, the adjustable shoulder straps help you position the bag properly on your back.

And when you are not carrying the bag on your back, you can comfortably grab it by the webbed handle and carry it with ease.

Backpack pockets

Just like the CLC ECP135, this Dewalt backpack for tools has 20 interior pockets and 3 on the exterior. Three of the internal pockets are purposely designed for storing devices such as a phone, tablet, or camera. The pockets are also convenient for charging.

The rest of the pockets are optimized to provide enough space to organize a variety of handy tools including screwdrivers, drill bits, and spanners. The main pocket is ideal for power tools such as a drill and a ratchet.

Lighting and Charging system of Dewalt DGC530 Tool bag

The Dewalt DGC530 backpack does not have lighting but has a charging system without a battery. You can power it with the DeWalt 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery that can be acquired separately.

You should use this internal custom-design dock as a USB charging source to charge up to two devices simultaneously.

And to increase battery life, the battery system has an intelligent battery protection technology that monitors battery voltage and cuts off power to prevent battery over-depletion.


  • Tough and high-quality materials
  • Well-partitioned for easy organization of tools
  • Compact and reliable
  • The inbuilt charger can power two devices simultaneously


  • Does not come with a battery
  • Available in one color combination only
  • Cannot carry many tools


This is one of the best small tool backpacks that you can acquire in the market today. It is a perfect alternative to the CLC ECP135, especially for technicians who want to maintain the Dewalt tool lineup. Its design is sturdy and reliable even for carrying heavy tools such as cordless drills and ratchets.

The handles are well-padded and firm to allow users to carry as much weight as possible with so much comfort. Its integrated 20V USB charging system allows you to use your favorite 20V Dewalt battery packs or use those of other cordless Dewalt tools.

DEWALT DGCL33 Lighted Tool Backpack with USB Charging

dewalt tool backpack DGCL33 with lighted usb charging

Dewalt DGCL33 Tool Bag Construction

dewalt dgcl33

Just like other Dewalt tools and equipment, the quality of this DeWalt backpack goes beyond the expectations of many professionals in terms of construction and innovation. Its design is remarkable, rewarding, and most of all, accommodative. It is good for electricians, plumbers, and carpenters among other technicians.

Equipped with 33 pockets, this tool backpack provides enough space for your tools and therefore an ideal solution for transporting a large collection of tools and accessories to and from job site. If your set of tools includes a mix of small and large tools such as screwdrivers, dykes, testers, drills, and pliers among others, this is a decent alternative to the Custom Leathercraft 23 pocket toolbag.

Dewalt DGCL33 Compartments

The 33 pockets are divided in a way that users achieve easy organization of tools. It is always easier to access a specific tool when a bag is well organized. The pockets are fitted with double-pull heavy-duty zippers to keep everything secured.

Light System of Dewalt DGCL33

The Dewalt DGCL33 lighted backpack has an integrated 2-level, 200 lumens LED light system. This light improves the usability of this tool bag in low-light working conditions.

dewalt dgcl33 in pictures

Although the lighting torch sticks out of the bag, it has a flexible steel neck that can bend into the bag or its content. You can use it as a flexible work light to light a small working area in the absence of an alternative source of light. You can also use the light to read instruction manuals.

Unfortunately, this Dewalt lighted backpack does not include a battery. But you can use the DEWALT 12V or 20V battery from your other Dewalt tools or buy it separately.

The battery powers both the LED light and the built-in DCB090 12V/20 USB Power Source Adapter for charging devices. The tool bag also has designated internal charging compartments for phones, cameras, and tablets.

DeWalt DCB090 USB Power Source with Dewalt Lithium-ion-20V Battery

Other things that make this backpack a great choice include the adjustable shoulder straps, padded back, a carrying handle, and base pad feet. The adjustable well-padded straps and the cushioned back prevent the weight of the heavily loaded bag pack from hurting your back. This construction lets the weight sit on your back evenly without causing stress and straining. The base pad feet, on the other hand, prevent the bottom from wear and abrasion.


Sturdy and well built

Spacious and easy tools organization

Bright adjustable light

Convenient USB charger for mobile devices


Relatively pricey

Available in one color combination only (black & yellow)

The main zipper can be problematic


Clearly, this 33 pocket lighted DeWalt backpack does not ride on the reputation of its manufacturer. It has built a name for itself because of incredible features that let you enjoy your trips to and from the job site.

Because it holds everything needed and more, you can always rely on it wherever you go. Furthermore, it is constructed with superior materials that can go for a long time without wearing out or tearing

Custom Leathercraft ECPL38 E-Charge Lighted USB Charging Tool Backpack

ECPL38 clc tool backpack E-Charge Lighted USB Charging


CLC ECPL38 tool backpack

Concerning the features, this lighted tool organizer rewards you with limitless opportunities for comfort and satisfaction.

It has numerous pockets that provide more than enough room for multiple hand tools, gadgets, and other accessories.

31 out of the 36 pockets are inside the main compartment while the rest are outside.

The backpack provides you with 4 additional loops for hanging tools such as a hammer and rigging axe. It also has an external clip for attaching a measuring tape and other loopable equipment.

The inner pockets are designed as panels and compartments that hold all sorts of tools and accessories. There is also a spacious zippered compartment at the back for keeping your mobile devices while charging with the built-in USB charging system. You can also carry a 15 inches laptop safely inside the notepad pouch of this backpack.

CLC too backpack Lighting and charging

Besides the fairly numerous pockets, this tool bag has a light. As such, it features a battery pack and a 2-level, 200 Lumen LED lighting system with an adjustable steel neck to illuminate the inside of the bag and your worksite.

Furthermore, the charging system on this bag comprises a USB system and a 15000 mAh power bank. This charging system is so robust that it can charge two devices at a go. This guarantees that your devices will remain powered even when you don’t have a wall socket near you. The backpack comes with a USB cable and AC wall adaptor for recharging the power bank.

Custom Leathercraft ECPL38 in pictures


Lastly, the CLC backpack tool bag is designed for comfort. It has very comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps that prevent the loaded bag from hurting your back and shoulders. The tool bag also has a pair of beefy carrying handles at the top for carrying the loaded bag with your hands.


  • Constructed with tough and durable fabric
  • Lighted design with USB charging system
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Well-padded to increase comfort


  • Available in one color scheme only
  • Quite heavy
  • Quality issues with the main zipper


The CLC ECP138 is such a great lightweight yet sturdy tool backpack. As you have seen, the tool bag has plenty of good features that make it stack up very well against competitors. However, it has a striking resemblance with DeWalt DGCL33.

One thing that is outstanding about this lighted tool bag from CLC is the quality of the adjustable lighting system. The snake LED light not only shines the light to the inside of the bag but also produces a light bright enough to illuminate dark worksites. With this bag, you do not need another big light. The charging capability is also unrivaled.

Unfortunately, this CLC handsfree tool organizer does not provide as many compartments as its immediate competitors. Furthermore, quite a number of technicians have complained about the flimsiness of the zipper system, especially for the main compartment.

Nonetheless, this is a perfect lighted tool backpack for tradesmen in all fields including plumbing, construction, woodworking, and electrical.

5 Best Non-Lighted Tool Backpacks Reviews

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Review (Camouflage)

veto pro pac tool backpack

Crafted and engineered to endure harsh treatment and demanding tasks, the Veto Pro Pac Tech backpack is tailored for individuals who operate in challenging workspaces. This pertains to those tackling wet conditions, exposed job sites, and similarly rugged work settings.

Such work environments demand an almost foolproof method for transporting and safeguarding essential tools. And this backpack offers exactly that!


The body of Veto Pro Pac tool bag is constructed with waterproof 950 and 1250 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon and the material for the tool pocket is waterproof 1800 PVC Impregnated Denier Nylon fabric.

The base, on the other hand, is made of durable hard plastic that keeps water at bay even in flooded working environments.

Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC

This meticulous construction makes the veto pac pro the best waterproof tool backpack money can buy. It does not matter if your workplace rains or floods, this veto backpack keeps your tools dry and safe all the time.

It is the best tool backpack for plumbers and HVAC technicians who work in very difficult environments at times. Electricians, carpenters, and other professionals like this backpack tool organizer too.


Veto tool bag backpack provides more than enough room for all your tools. It has a total of 56 pouches, all made of durable materials of light grey color. This color contrasts with most tools thereby increasing tool visibility.

The 56 pockets are distributed across the two main compartments of this tool bag. Some pockets are designed to hold short tools, others for long tools, and the rest for accessories and personal devices.

The multiple vertical pockets allow you to organize long tools such as screwdrivers, nut drivers, and wrenches. The small pockets, on the other hand, are for accessories such as pencils, drill bits, and socket wrenches.

The tool bag also has additional pockets on the exterior for accessories. One of the pockets is large and well-secured for storing cables. Other storage maximization features available in this bag include 9 D-rings (4 large and 5 small), and a stainless steel tape clip holder that is mounted on the outside. The Veto Pac also features a very well-made handle that is durable, rugged, and tough enough to take no crap.

Is Veto Pac Bag Comfortable?

I know that is the biggest question you have so far and the answer is Yes! Veto pac tool backpack is very comfortable. The manufacturer has put many features not only to improve the usability of this bag but also to make it one of the most comfortable tool backpacks.

The bag has a padded Eva thermos-formed back panel that is made of soft contoured foam. It also has an ergonomic TPV rubber grip, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and metal shoulder strap sliding buckles. All these features ensure that the bag sits comfortably on your back without exerting excess pressure on the stress points.

Other features include the straps in the outer compartment and the webbing design of the sides of the main compartment that ensure compartments don’t open so wide that tools will slide and fall from the bag.


  • Durable and heavy-duty construction
  • Waterproof design
  • Spacious and well-partitioned
  • Easy to organize tools
  • 5 years warranty


  • Pricey
  • Some inner pockets are too small
  • Quite heavy


Though pricey, this Veto Pro Pac camouflage tool backpack is the ultimate choice for all tradesmen. This gem is worth every single penny. As an HVAC tech, electrician, installer, carpenter, plumber, or mechanic who needs an extremely rugged tool bag, Veto pro pac is perfect for you. It is reliable even in rainy and snowy or other wet conditions.

In addition, this camouflage bag pack from Veto is very spacious and well-compartmentalized to accommodate lots of tools of different sizes. Moreover, the stitching on the pockets is high quality and together with other features make this bag spectacular!

Veto Pro Pac Camouflage tool backpack video review

Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack Review

milwaukee tool backpack

Construction quality

As an upgrade of the Low-profile jobsite backpack, the Ultimate jobsite Milwaukee tool backpack has better construction. It also has a better appearance and more features than its predecessor in order to give you a better user experience.

milwaukee jobsite tool backpack

This Milwaukee tool organizer backpack is durable and provides good storage and protection for your tools and accessories. The body is made of 1680D ballistic material and heavy-duty metallic zippers. This material is tear-resistant and durable.

The body of this bag is heavily stitched to hold everything together even under stress from heavy load. The bottom of the bag is molded to make it resistant to wear and abrasion and to protect your tools from water and mud.

Milwaukee Bag Pouches Distribution

The Milwaukee jobsite bag pack has 48 pockets that optimize the available space to swallow in as many tools as possible. The pockets are distributed from the interior to the exterior to allow you to organize tools properly.

46 out of 48 pockets are internal and most have a tall vertical design for holding long tools such as screwdrivers, testers, and pliers.

There are two hardshell pockets that protect electronic devices such as a laptop and tablet from the impact of other tools. There is also a protective sleeve for holding a laptop.

The bag has two pockets in the exterior and both are located at the back. The pockets have strong zippers for keeping tools and accessories inside safely. Lastly, there is a tape measure attachment clip on one of the sides. You can use it to keep your tape measure for easy access without opening the bag.


Any good backpack must have harnesses that can bear load and provide comfort at the same time. The load-bearing harness of this backpack is heavily padded to allow even distribution of weight and increased comfort. The same applies to the shoulder straps.

The tool bag also features padded web carrying handles A sternum strap and a dolly attachment strap are the other features on this backpack that enhance transportation.

The sternum strap provides extra support by easing pressure on the shoulders. The dolly strap, on the other hand, allows you to attach a dolly when necessary.


  • Good looking design
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Spacious and well partitioned
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Available in only one color combination


This Ultimate Jobsite Milwaukee Tool Storage bag is a versatile backpack that can accommodate hand tools and accessories as well as power tools. Equipped with a variety of comfort enhancement features, it is one of the easiest bags to carry when heavily loaded.

It is also very spacious and good-looking and will not soak your tools when rained on. Lastly, if you care about loyalty, this tool organizer is made by a company that makes some of the most reliable hand and power tools.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer, Electrician Tool Backpack

klein tools tradesman tool backpack

Construction and design

Going by its name, Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer is an excellent tool backpack for electricians. It is made of 1680D ballistic material which is fairly rugged. It can serve electricians for a long time without undergoing wear and tear.

klein tools tool bag pack

The backpack has a waterproof molded bottom that appears protective, tough, and durable. It keeps your tools from water, mud, and other spills. The material is also great for preventing wear and abrasion.

This bag is also characterized by powerful stitching and decent zippers to enhance performance and durability. Plumbers, mechanics, and HVAC technicians also find this tool bag very useful.

Pockets and storage

When it comes to space, this backpack has a total of 39 pockets. These pockets are spread out from the interior to the exterior to allow easy organization of tools. The front pocket is made of hard and molded to protect fragile tools and equipment such as safety glasses.

There is a large front zipper pocket that you can use to store small tools and accessories that require easy access. The interior has many vertical pockets for organizing several hand tools including screwdrivers, knives, and pliers among others.

The pockets are made against an orange background to increase the visibility of tools. This makes it easy to spot a specific tool even under extremely low-light conditions.

Portability and comfort

The design of this backpack focuses on facilitating portability and comfort. The shoulder straps and web carrying handles are very comfortable and make carrying the loaded backpack quite easy. You can also adjust the shoulder straps to achieve proper fitting. Generally, 1680D ballistic nylon material is lightweight, making this a fairly lightweight backpack.


  • Lightweight design
  • Durable and reliable electrician backpack
  • Molded waterproof bottom
  • Multiple storage pockets


  • Some pockets are quite small
  • Available in only one color scheme

Makita P-72017 Professional Tool Rucksack with Organizer Backpack for Pro

makita P72017 tool rucksack


Constructed with hardwearing nylon, this backpack has a very durable and impact-resistant body. You can use it to carry tools in typical job site conditions or worse. The bottom features reinforced rubber feet that provide maximum protection for tools. It also enables the tool bag to withstand wear and abrasion.

Pockets and storage options

This backpack has a total of 13 internal pockets, which can store a variety of tools and accessories. There are several external pockets that vary in size and shape. You can store small tools that need to be accessed easily in these pockets.

The backpack also fitted with a plastic organizer with 17 compartments for storing small accessories such as bolts, screws, drill bits, and nuts. The organizer is stored in the zipped bay at the base section.


Comfort and portability have not been left out in the design of this tool backpack. The shoulder straps are heavily padded for increased comfort. One strap has a metallic loop for clipping small handy things. There is also a rubber handle at the top which you can use to carry the bag when you don’t want to carry it on your back.


  • Made of durable and strong material
  • Comes with a plastic organizer for small accessories
  • Features reinforced rubber feet for protective reasons
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • Very few pockets
  • Available in one color only


Besides all the noted benefits, this bag features heavy-duty stitching and powerful zippers that make it a complete package. Overall, this is a very well-made backpack that comes with an extra plastic organizer for keeping nuts and bolts safe.

If you are an electrician, the plastic organizer may be handy for storing wire connectors and ferrules. However, the accessories in this plastic storage make a lot of noise when you shake the bag.

Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack

CLC 75 pocket tool backpack

Construction and design

This backpack is made of high-quality ballistic polyester material that can withstand shear and abrasion. The bottom is so firm and hard that it allows the bag to stand on its own with or without tools.

Furthermore, the shoulder straps and webbed carrying handles are heavily padded to make the backpack comfortable on your back and shoulders. You can even adjust the shoulder straps to make them more comfortable.

Pockets and storage

With a total of 75 pockets, this is one of the most spacious tool backpacks on our list. The pockets are of varying shapes and sizes and are distributed among 6 zippered compartments. To make things even better, the design goes beyond mere pockets to providing sleeves and loops as well. All these allow you to organize and access tools easily. Furthermore, the multiple compartments allow you to group tools for quick access.

This bag provides a spacious interior panel for holding a 14-piece wrench set and a plastic tray in the back pocket for holding small items. It also has many hook and loop flap closures around the pockets and compartments to keep the tools securely in place.


  • Spacious
  • Padded straps and handles for increased comfort
  • Constructed with good quality material
  • Convenient plastic tray for nuts and bolts


  • Available in one color only


Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack is the most compartmentalized tool backpack. It has all the pockets you need to organize all your tools. However, the tools need not be very heavy lest the straps will cut as a number of users report.

Therefore, this backpack is perfect for electricians and HVAC technicians because their tools are fairly light. The multiple compartments are also good for storing the hand tools and fastening accessories for mechanics and other technicians.


Hey there! I am an field electrical engineer by day, a blogger by night, and DIYer on weekends. Throughout my career, I have used many tools and learned that getting the right tool for the job is the first step to getting the job done right. This is why I write about tools and tests/reviews them on this blog.